Privacy Badger - New EFF Privacy Add-On

  • Browser Add-Ons to give web users some degree of privacy have been around for a while and I must admit to having tried many and use one or two. Now there is a new player in the game. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has just released an [b]Alpha Release[/b] of "Privacy Badger": [quote]"... a new extension for Firefox and Chrome called Privacy Badger. Privacy Badger automatically detects and blocks spying ads around the Web, and the invisible trackers that feed information to them."[/quote] (from:[color=#000088][b][/b][/color]) Right now only for FireFox and Chrome (it is a no go with SeaMonkey). I have put it on my FireFox and will give it a go but FF is not my main browser. Anyone interested can use the following link for the install: [color=#000088][b][/b][/color] [u][b]Note:[/b][/u] I am not affiliated with this product or its developers. I just believe it is an intersting product/concept that should be evaluated and that others here may be interested also.

  • Did you test it by now?

    Is it better or worse than e.g. disconnect?

  • I did give it a very quick run-through…

    The only add-on I use to compare it to is Ghostery and it seems to work about the same. A little less intrusive and easier to set up and use.
    Since I use few add-ons (SQLiteManager, and Ghostery) it does not interfere with them. Could probably get rid of Ghostery, but I'll wait for a full production version. At least it is more configurable...

    A wee Update,

    I did notice later today that Badger does not seem to do anything with Google Analytics while Ghostery can.
    Also Badger picked something from PayPal that Ghostery did not catch (Blocking All Trackers and Cookies).

  • Looks the same sort of thing as Ghostery.
    I guess I should take it for a test drive.
    Should be easy to compare effectiveness with having Ghostery in Opera on the same pages.

  • One more Advantage…
    It blocks trackers from within emails (GMail anyway). Have not looked at other webmail as yet.


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