Ubuntu 14.04 LTS

  • Ubuntu 14.04 LTS has been released yesterday. I installed it today and it looks quite stable/unexciting as it is usual for an LTS release. The download for the desktop version was a bit on the big side with 1 GB size. I wonder if it makes sense to provide smaller netinstall images in the future - after all it's downloading package updates during installation anyway. Side remark: Shame they don't have Solaar in the repositories yet for those people (like me) with Logitech wireless devices. Anyway, so far so good ... any first experiences from you with the new Ubuntu release?

  • I was hoping this release to fix all the problems that have accrued to me with the previous LTS, most importantly graphics and sound driver issues that appeared at a minor recent update. Now trying to upgrade to this new LTS the result isn't even booting. I won't be looking at Ubuntu for a long while now.

  • Bummer. I actually noticed some window flickering with my AMD card in some programs but luckily nothing worse.

    When looking if there's an option to possibly install proprietary drivers then at least Synaptic told me that there were no drivers available.

    But I agree, what you describe would be a K.O. criteria as well for me. For some reason it's behaving more stable than the last couple of (non LTS) releases here.
    EDIT: By the way, I always do full fresh installs.

  • The installation I had was preinstalled on a laptop. Admittedly I tinkered with it a lot and screwed some things up, but was always able to fix my blunders, because I kept careful track of what I was doing. Now, due to the fact that I mostly knew what I was doing, I am perfectly positive it was a silly minor update that screwed up graphics and stopped the sound for me. And I didn't know how to fix it.

    I have two other systems on the same laptop running in parallel and they work just fine, so I can compare how the systems run. And sadly for Ubuntu, I was liking it less and less until the updates and now the major non-fixing upgrade make me decisively prefer other systems.

  • Out of curiousity, what are the two other systems you are using on your laptop?

    After being a long-time SUSE fan, I first switched to Fedora and afterwards to Ubuntu. I found out that I usually stay with a system until I get fed up with it and/or find something better.

  • Pas mal mais vue certains problèmes toujours présents, je préfère Open Suse.

  • @wave:

    Out of curiousity, what are the two other systems you are using on your laptop?

    Manjaro Xfce and Mageia KDE.

  • @ersi:

    Manjaro Xfce and Mageia KDE.

    Ah, I still have to try both. I should look into them.

  • Aside from my bad experience with Ubuntu, I have been extremely happy with Mint which is directly based on Ubuntu. Mint Cinnamon and Xfce have required the least amount of tinkering after installation. Mint is a very well done distro with extremely sensible defaults.

    I am waiting for the next release of Mint based on Ubuntu 14.04 and I will definitely install it.


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