Windows 10 and reinstalling of Vivaldi

  • Dear users, my search about that didn't return any result.

    My pc with Windows 10 PRO - OEM did have its HD damaged. A high competent friend of mine did the charity of reinstalling my system on a new HD, same pc.

    Because I told him my morbid passion by Viv, he wanted to cheer me and installed a new stable version of Vivaldi to me. But instead of to locate it at Programs x86 files -- as I would certainly do it -- he put it at appdata roaming or something of same or equivalent designation.

    As for performance I have no complaints. But, as for aspects like, let's say, "status" of the program in the general context, would there have any loss?

    May I keep it as is or should I uninstall and reinstall it again but locating it at Programs X86 files?

    Since now thanks from my part, though hopeless from responses (☹).

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    Looks like your friend did a Install for User only.
    If you need Vivaldi only for you as single user, no need to reinstall.
    If you want its for more users on your PC, you may remove the current one (you have no loss of browser data). The start the installer and select Advanced and select a install for all Users in C:\Program Files\

  • @Gwen-Dragon

    Many and enchanted thanks. You have blessedly and very quickly disavowed my hopelessness.😇

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    @JoaBravo Thanks for the flowers 🙂

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    @JoaBravo It may hearten you to know that ALL of my Vivaldi instances are installed at appdata/local. I just install standalone and use slightly different directory names (Vivaldi, Vivaldi1, SVivaldi, etc.)

  • @Ayespy

    Thanks. I have just one instance, stable, if for instances you are meaning that. Limited user due to technical knowledge.
    I have experienced it, standalone, when using Opera, for different reasons, predominance issues checking compared to the installed.

    With Vivaldi here and now I was mainly worried if this location, app, would or not reduce its meaning as importance of program. My new HD is a SDD, seeming a 'new order" from MS. Now, @Gwen-Dragon did give me other very significant considerations.

    I have found some capacities of Vivaldi as were previously not applicable after OS reinstall. With some malice not technical I've found a way to reestablish.

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    @JoaBravo appdata/local, being the "normal" default install location, there is absolutely no deficit caused by its being installed there. In fact, I think it is safer from 3rd party software interference in that location than if it were in the "Programs" directory.

    Have fun with the SSD. I would not run any other way. I put them in all my machines.

  • @Ayespy

    Thanks again, now especially for the calming effect.

  • hello JoaBravo
    curmudgeon to methuselah
    A neww SSD to Speed your computer browsing. That is great news. more pages per hour.
    I am curious to know if you get the same shrinking calm laughter that I get when buying something these days, When the Extended Warranty Plan is offered? lifetime warranty? Did you get the one with the longer warranty?
    Faster is better, but warranty? is something relative to smile about these days.

    happy computing ... A thoughtful and competent friend like your installation assistant will address any issues you have. There should be no issues from the method.
    maybe you lost your bookmarks you are busy to re-establish.

  • Anybody else? As, for instance, some who are usually a day later, a dollar short? Hehe,

  • @i_ri

    The new HD was not a gallant buying. The HD where was installed the system "went to the space", as we use say here.

    My laughters are, not rarely. guffaws. Better saying, they used to be.
    I believe DNA will not advise me any warranty lifetime plan purchasing.

    My friend who reinstalled the system is an official senior Microsoft adviser. Only just friendship would allow have him as an installer.

    Bookmarks came back intact. For this the pendrives serve, as well as the sync.

    I have talked about, for example, images, pdf and other species of files, whose options to open didn't include Viv anymore as an option. Into this it's that I achieved retake Viv

    A sentimental remembrance of "Malicious ways..."Lembrança do I_ri - 1500794631150-norman-rockwell-the-stay-at-homes-outward-bound-1927.jpeg

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    @JoaBravo My daughters completed a jigsaw puzzle of this Norman Rockwell painting. I think we glued it together and may still have it somewhere.

  • @Ayespy

    I was exactly planning an edition for explicit the name of the author of the magnificent painting.
    It was an image whose impact for sayable and simultaneously ineffable subjective reasons has taken me of assault and shook me strongly.

  • @JoaBravo said in Windows 10 and reinstalling of Vivaldi:

    A high competent friend of mine did the charity of reinstalling my system on a new HD, same pc.

    Given his category (MS official adviser), a news seeming important: due our involvement, he has downloaded Viv. The gods want him to like and join.

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    This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

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    This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • VIV settings - appearance, SDD SSD and Windows 10 PRO

    I opt for do not open another topic for the matter. All the components are joined here and I guess this eases the exposition and convenience of the placement.

    I am facing some inconveniences, particularly at pages where texts are predominance.

    The most uncomfortable is the sharpness deficiency of the letters which invariably are of a pale dark in an invariably fade clear background. This doesn't improve, either varying between the native themes of Viv and / or another ones I come to create.

    With 100% size the situation is irritatingly incommodious. For reading, the size has to be set around 120%, which painfully penalizes the exquisite Viv's layout, without saying on repeated changes to be done while browsing.

    For the moment, the less laborious and friendly solution I discovered "exactly just now" is the button page actions (found at the status bar which I use bellow), and set to "invert".

    Another idea or path please?

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