The gig is up, the My Opera forum is down, the new forum is still forbidden, there is a nachspiel

  • A few minutes ago the [url=]My Opera forum[/url] turned read-only. The new Opera forum is probably coming online soon. I invite you all to a [url=]nachspiel[/url], which will go down with the rest of My Opera in a few days.

  • Done! [attachment=110]zwink.gif[/attachment]

  • Hm they said they wouldn't close the my.opera forum before the new one was up and running..

  • Maybe,
    but to have a complete transfer you must set a deadline from when no new content can be added.
    Otherwise you get complaint afterwards: "Hey - my last post is not there!"

    So in my opinion it's logical to do it in this way.

  • Yes, but then they should have said that :whistle:

  • Now you can play with the new Opera forum.

    German and other nationalized forums are empty, no surprise. Transferd only forums Opera liked to have. :woohoo:

    OMG! They use Markdown syntax for forum postings and comments. :whistle: That will be a hard work for others, fiddling and struggling with the ugly syntax. :evil:

  • Have some old gig: It's all over now…

  • I received an error message (page can't be displayed) when I tried to log onto the new forum page. Not good. :blink:

  • The domain for authetication has some problems.

  • New forums look ugly and messy. CSS are not working.

  • @Leonardo:

    New forums look ugly and messy. CSS are not working.

    Hehe… my first though on this was: "Exact like their new browser." :whistle:

  • The new Opera forum is a cold-blue wordpress theme :lol: , like thousands of other simple joomla/wordpress/xyzwebapp installations.
    And they must have thrown away thousands/millions of threads.

    Now the forums are clean and sterile as Operas new browser. Simple and stupid.

  • Well singularly unimpressed with the new forums. Maybe early days but so many things that aren't working I am surprised they even launched it in this half baked state.
    1. Very choice selection of forums and posts they chose to import, nothing earlier than last November. Whether they will import more in the future remains to be seen (and they did seem to indicate earlier in the week that ALL posts would be transferred over).
    2. No option to 'stay logged in'.
    3. Nothing in the profile settings for anything other than contact details. No way to upload an avatar, set privacy options, or anything else.
    4. No means to 'mark all read'.
    5. Buggy…. some forums are shown as having no posts but do.
    6. I made a comment yesterday that has received no response. I get the impression the forum team are keeping a low profile as their presence is conspicuous by its absence.

    Will keep an eye on it, but it certainly is no replacement for the old forums.

  • The forum has only product/support boards. Places like Longue and other not related to their revenue streams are gone. It lacks features other than posting and answering. I must say that at least, they are consistent.

  • I believe the technical problems will be ironed out, and turn the forums into a perfectly adequate support forum. Which of course is a whole less than the community it once was.

  • The new Opera Forum server refuses to connect here (central USA) this morning, though other Opera and My Opera sites seem to work fine. I suspect these next several days will be quite rocky for operability until they get basic things squared away, and then there will probably be weeks (if not months) of some other things gradually being brought up to speed. Last night, I noted the same details as @davews listed, though it appears that a very small scattering of users has been able to set avatars since a few do show up, dribbled through the threads they have brought over.

  • Haven't even seen the new forums yet as they still won't load for me. But, I'm patient and my expectations are not high, so…

  • I'm patient and my expectations are not high

    You're not going to be disappointed then. 😉

  • They will load just fine - as long as you are logged out. As soon as you log in, they go kaput. Seems to be geographical - when I'm not logged in, I can see that several European users are posting just fine. So far everyone who can't connect and has mentioned their location seems to be in North America - but I simply haven't heard from South America, China, Africa, etc. …

  • Moderator


    .. seems to be in North America - but I simply haven't heard from South America …

    same here. pages loads after deleting cookies, the sign in page just redirects to main page, then "can't establish a connection to the server at"


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