Easy network tweaking for games

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    Many of us have a connection that is not ideal, or that varies a lot.
    This can be a real problem for playing games where you need a fast/low PING.

    Many games benefit from network settings that are not aimed at regular downloading and browsing.
    You can find a good selection of tweaks (registry changes) in the Speed Guide site, such as disabling Nagle's algorithm.

    All the registry changes can be done using their tweaking tool if you prefer

    If you network conditions vary or you are sharing a network with multiple devices, you may want to try an alternative network driver such as cFos Speed.
    It can be configured to prioritise different programs and protocols so they can multitask more effectively.
    Once it has calibrated itself for the conditions it experiences when you do a couple of speed tests, it will then auto-adapt the network settings to suit current conditions.
    If you use it on multiple PCs you can make each network driver aware of the other, so it can manage the network flow better.
    It can also manage a wifi hot-spot so that mobile devices etc. can be factored into the optimisations.

    It can be toggled from optimised download speeds, to optimised PING any time you want.
    It is not free (though it is cheep), but you can try it for 1 month before it stops working so you have a fair idea of if it helps you.

    cFos Speed is also available for ISDN and ATM Dial-in driver with Traffic Shaping - also for modem software !

  • Vivaldi Translator

    I look forward to your feedback.
    Before and after speed and ping tests are worth doing for your own judgement.

    the calibration info for cFos is buried in the device info in the settings.

    I figure both ways of doing it will have advantages, so better to make your own mind up which works best.
    Line connections and networing is unique to each of us.

    For fair comparison you should save and reinstate the original registry settings with the tweaker tool.
    However I assume you can do the game tweaks from speedguide, and also use cFos with no problems, though I would install cFos after doing the registry changes, so if it wants to change anything during install it will be as it expects

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