When did you start using Vivaldi and what’s your favourite feature?

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    @nomoremozilla Pretty sure if you save a stack of tabs as a session, then when you open the session they will still be stacked.

  • @pesala said in When did you start using Vivaldi and what’s your favourite feature?:

    @nomoremozilla Right-click on a tab-stack to bookmark it. You can also save sessions from the File menu.

    Thank you. I'll try it.

  • When did you start using Vivaldi?
    Using Vivaldi since very early version 🙂
    But it is still my 2nd browser because Firefox just has more privacy-related settings and I prefer gecko engine with smooth scrolling and superior zoom.

    What’s your favourite feature?
    I love that Vivaldi is power-user oriented. I don't want a browser without bookmarks 🙂 I don't want a browser when a core features are being replaced by addons.

    favorite features:

    • square tabs 🙂
    • UI customization. You can change user interface zoom and use Vivaldi on the big TV
    • many other "small features", e.g. option to disable close tab button.

  • @ayespy said in When did you start using Vivaldi and what’s your favourite feature?:

    @nomoremozilla Pretty sure if you save a stack of tabs as a session, then when you open the session they will still be stacked.

    Thanks! I'll check it out.

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    @nomoremozilla Have you tried tab tiling?
    Tab tiling is one reason I use Vivaldi as my default browser.

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    Thanks everyone for your insightful posts!

    We've decided to create more than one story based on your feedback, and in fact, the first one is already published on the blog. 😍 Take a look here: https://vivaldi.com/blog/10-tab-management-tricks/

    More to come!

  • Recently retired after 35yrs IT. Been using FF since forever (Netscape, etc.). Never thought another browser would pull me away from FF - and have installed/tried many. But Vivaldi did just that.
    Been using V for a couple months, and find the feature set robust, and have absolutely no problems on the computers which it's installed.
    I'm suggesting friends/family/etc. to try it as well.

    Not sure I can come up with a fav feature. The whole browser is a fav feature :*) But,,,,quick access to adjustments; the bar on the left for more quick access, and very important: the SPEED (of the browsing). Also, the conservation of space.
    Just an all-round robust/well-constructed-UI feature set.

    Thanks for all your effort!

  • This thread was created 4 months ago, apparently, yet it only came to my notice today, when i saw it in "Unread" [which i peruse multiple times a day, every day]. Odd.

    Anyway, i found this old note i wrote myself [per Notes Panel, natch] & thought it apropos here.

    Vivaldi -- the new old Opera!!!

    7/2/15 00:26: Cool - keep watching for V development... this might become the new old Opera!!!

    22/2/15: I have now made Vivaldi my default browser. Even though it remains buggy, crashy, & still lacks much key functionality, it already has enough Pros compared to Chromium & Opera Dev that it is worthwhile taking this step.

    31/3/15: Weekly updates have continued & it's just getting better & better. Stability hassles are substantially reduced, & it's just more & more a delight to use.

    Like many other "older" Vivaldiers, i came to V from O12 via the crushing disappointment of O-Dev [which itself caused me some months of forlorn testing of a multitude of potential alternative browsers, all of which i found wanting]. Thank you to that long-forgotten O-Dev Forum poster who, amongst all our plaintive complaints about the humongous list of beloved O12 features & functions excluded from O-Dev, mentioned this interesting new browser they'd discovered, V. Curious, i followed the link, & was almost instantly reduced to a giggling mass of delighted disbelief that someone was building a browser just for me! party

    My chief favourite is Tab-stacks...Tab-stacks and Mouse-gestures...Mouse-gestures and Tab-stacks.... my two favourites are Mouse-gestures and Tab-stacks...and Web Panels.... My three favourites are Mouse-gestures, Tab-stacks, and Web Panels...and Tab Panes.... My four...no... amongst my favourite.... amongst my favouritery...are such elements as Mouse-gestures, Tab-stacks.... I'll come in again.

    I didn't expect a kind of Vivaldi Inquisition.

    Nobody expects the Vivaldi Inquisition! Amongst my favouritery are such diverse elements as Mouse-gestures, Tab-stacks, Web Panels, and Tab Panes, and the Customisable UI - oh damn!

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    @Steffie Now do you see the problems Vivaldi has created?
    V offers the user so many features that sometimes it boggles the imagination.
    A user can keep it really simple or they can go whole hog. I use only a few features but they are all I need.
    Then there are those use a ton of features. What it all comes down to is how the user wants it. Each and every
    one of us have our very own "personal" Vivaldi.

    Vivaldi...just about the most perfect browser there is.


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