If the browser wars were fought not between companies, but their mascots, who would win?

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  • I definitely don't think that Tony and Firefox could eliminate each other. As you said, Opera-tan's ability is one of the biggest unknowns. If she has strong abilities capable of counteracting fire in those quantities, she wins. Otherwise it's a stalemate between Tony and Firefox, as the other three are hardly going to be strong enough to protect themselves. Inori would die last of the three (assuming Andy has fairly low heat resistance), but pretty quickly in any case.


    • Tony/Firefox
    • Opera-tan
    • Inori
    • Andy
    • Claurus

  • Actually, there was a gold spandex wearing "Opera Man" (really!)

    You can't find him any more since they deleted the Opera community server…

    Edit: on second thoughts it might have been red and white spandex. It was quite cheesy, whatever it was. :lol:

  • Inori Aizawa !!!!! :-D
    is the prettiest mascot of all browsers :-)
    her clothing is awesome! :-)

    sad that vivaldi hasnt a pretty mascot :-(

    i use firefox with lot of plugins, since opera 12 died :-(
    for heavy research with 100+ tabs i still use sometimes the ancient opera 12

  • cute topic. kudos for the thoughts. will contemplate scenario further. quick response was to put Tony at the top of those named. Tony is hotter than fire .. leads to OH-NO TONY ! Ice weasel could endure Tony as could otter, while andy rusts. … ...
    ... more thought from here ... ... thanks ...

  • would paleMoon be in the conflict or just hang above, reflecting on it all.? 8-|

  • Vivaldi Ambassador

    No-one has mentioned the SeaMonkey…

    What would happen to the others underwater?

    What would happen to SeaMonkey in the atmosphere? In space?

    Still I like Tony. He seems like somebody I could relate to.

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  • hello. you are right no mascot for palemoon not a howling wolf to be found. it can hang above, while having an identity crises over being optimized for windows though now a linux favorite, to become obscured by Tony's smoke. There seems to be natural boundary of land and water for the mascots. is the delineation a balance. the lava meets the water and the lava still grows. reliction; on the other side of the island the water meets the land where the water grows. erosion. Could be Tony needs to just keep in balance instead of trying to prevail. one master of land while others master the water. Can it be made much easier if it is said Tony cannot be vanquished? Can Tiamarth just declare a new attribute so Tony shall win? !! shall rumor be spread first? may use the word propaganda? Tony winning based on reputation? hmmmmmmmmm …

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  • hello.
    firefox sole manifest attribute, personification, anthropomorphisofistication (i made that up)
    is friendly. seems my scenarios are based on physics. Lava Tony will sizzle anything.
    Compatibility. Coexist. Even Aid the weak is the new order for how the superhero of mascotland will rise to celebrity of the now browser cold-war. Tally-ho! Advance.

  • Can think of, one other character, Cactus Man in the same class with Lava Tony Ball [aka smokie.] imagine Tony being a superhero. Caretaking, gentle Tony doing good deeds; and he just yearns for a hug.

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