The address line in Vivaldi - it shouldn't work like this

  • Hello, I'm using this big red V application for some time and, it's pretty good in comparison with chromium. Hovewer, what drives me crazy is the address line, which works pretty strange way. Maybe it's lot of bugs, maybe it's feature - and that's why I'm writing this post. I'm trying to always use a newest version - and these things are still there, maybe getting worse (not sure about that).
    My english is pretty bad, so feel free to repair what I've written or ask me, what did I mean by something you don't understand.

    1. Page redirect rewrite what I'm writing into address bar (I will cal it just AB). Let's imagine I write http://somesite.tld/ into AB and press enter. Immediately after that, I realize I need go for something other, so I press F8 (focus to AB + select all) and I start writing something different. But, somesite loaded a little bit and is redirecting to somesite.tld/please/login - what I was trying to write is now mixed with new address (which is usually total nonsense)

    2. Hints & suggestions pt. 1 - it work in way I don't understand - some sites are OK, but sometimes it's suggesting things that was probably the last new thing matching. Doesn't matter I use thousand times a day - when I visit once, it starts to suggest me every time I write "gm". Pretty much annoying

    3. Hints & suggestions pt. 2 - I ocassionally visit two sites, one is, second is - when I write "so", it's suggesting me the slack address. Hovewer, one more letter ("som") and it starts to suggest me the other website. With some delay. So I write "som" and I see slack suggestion, but in the delay between writing "m" letter and pressing enter - the suggestion change to second one and I end on other website than I wanted.

    4. Sometimes I experience, when trying to remove address (currently fully loaded and displayed), that after pressing backspace, Vivaldi offers me a suggestion of that address, so I press backspace and vivaldi offers me suggestion again. So few presses of backspace deletes nothing - just suggestion for few times.

    5. Even after pressing enter, the addressbar is accepting keypresses. I'll try to express it better: I use to use computer in fast pace. So standard way to open a webpage is a quick sequence of keypresses: Ctrl + N (opens new tab), "", Enter, "1" (which is mapped to swich tabs to the left). Hovewer, I sometimes do it too quick for browser, that I end on the same tab on address google.com1 (instead of being on previous tab and This can be simulated easily:
      xdotool key g o o g l e 0x2e c o m Return 1

    The software must react the same no matter how fast I'm typing!

    1. Sometimes happens to me, that i write two characters and the second one overrides the first one, because Vivaldi selects the first one. I don't know why and it's pretty hard to simulate this...

    2. Often happens, that I write an address, press enter... and nothing happens for some time (maybe 5 - 10 seconds). After I press the enter key, I expect that addressbar lose a focus and page starts loading the address that was typed in time I pressed enter key.

    3. Lot of times, I end up with crazy "hidden" tab, that cannot be closed (by pressing ctrl + W or alt+f4) nor used for browsing (entering address and pressing enter does nothing).

    4. (EDIT) Loading indication (highlighted background) disappears after visiting another tab. So after coming back from another tab, you are not able to tell, if it's loading or not, as it looks the same as in case it's not loading. (Hovewer, still better than some browsers with progress bar going past half before even receiving DNS response...)

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    Some of these have happened to me before, and they're quite annoying. In particular 2 and 4, and very occasionally 8.

    If I'm not mistaken, the address bar suggestions is known to the developers. As for 8, I've never been able to adequately reproduce it to file a bug report.

  • There is more. Sometimes, I encounter another error - I write an address and I can press enter all the day and nothing is happening. I need to make change in an address bar and then press enter again.

    Btw, I think some of these bugs are caused by incorrect handling of the key press/down/up - I noticed, that sometimes Vivaldi is not reacting to any keyboard shortcuts (like ctrl + tab) - but clicking with mouse works OK. So there is probably some problem with this.

    Should I fill all the bug reports? Will it help? Will someone help me with making bug reports sensible (in terms of english language and understandability of found problems)?

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    I've only encountered issue #4... If I mistype a URL, realize it and delete to re-enter V will pop in the misspelled URL! I've to go to another site then open a new Tab to to restyle the first URL.
    An irritant for sure and not consistent in this behaviour.

    Latest V snapshot, HP i5 Pavilion on Win10 Home.

  • So I'm almost the only one, that has all these problems? That's strange.

  • Still no reply? Does it mean it's not bug but feature?

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    I suspect that anyone using Vivaldi for more than six months has already adjusted to the way that it works.

    If you're new from some other browser, like Chrome, then you will expect it to work the same as Chrome.

    Try changing some of the Address Bar options.

    0_1531927494133_Address Bar Options.png

    There are already several feature requests for the Address Bar. If you add this link as a web panel you can easily search for other feature requests simply by changing the search string from "Address" to any other term. Enclose more than one word in quotes to search for a precise phrase.

  • Something from Chromium that few people seem to know about: In any typed-history dropdown box (address bar, forms on webpages, etc.) you can delete items by selecting with the arrow keys and then pressing Shift+Delete. This could help a little with #2.

    Also one to add to your list. I have a lot of bookmark nicknames set up. One is gd => Google Drive. If I type gd into the address bar and press Enter quickly enough, Vivaldi will search gdogle Drive. That used to be pretty annoying before I started using F2 for nickname shortcuts instead.

  • @pesala I'm not a ex-chromium user, I'm ex-Opera 12 user. Hovewer, lot of these things doesn't have any options in configuration. Also, what @Nnnes is something I know, but I don't have a problem with things being in some typed-history list. I have problem with ordering of this list - that is "newest first" although i would expect "the last one first" or "most used first".

    Btw, I'm using vivaldi definitely for more than one year, but these bugs/features/whateveritis are driving me crazy. Especially that one, when I enter an address, press enter ... and nothing happens no matter how many times I press the enter key. I figured out, that in this case I need to change address (adding and backspacing one letter is usually enough) and press enter again - then it starts to work. Is it in options?

  • @sukovec I've also had many of these problems, and hope they can be resolved soon.

  • Hi, I have none of the issues 1-8 ever but I reset/refresh my profile several times in the last Years/weeks.
    May your profile is damaged.
    Did you try a refresh?
    I also reset ny Chrome://flags at some point.

    It is easy to get back your profile if nothing changes.

    Cheers, mib

  • @paul1149 That's nice to hear - at least I know I'm not alone and also there is bigger chance for problems to be resolved.

    @mib2berlin Hmm. I will try clean profile and maybe another operating system, if it do something. It would be pretty funny situation - the Vivaldi started as a continuation of old Opera. And lot of problems in Presto-Opera could be solved by resetting the profile. Hovewer, resetting profile is very bad thing, extreme way of workaround, as I need to configure whole browser, not talking about all those "stay logged" cookies...

    By the way, now I'm writing it from Vivaldi with about 30 opened empty tabs, that popped up after normal quitting Vivaldi with one opened (empty) tab.

  • @sukovec
    Hehe, strange.
    You can copy most configuration files back to the new profile, listed in the description of the link.
    Cost me 10 Minutes to get a "working" Vivaldi after reset.

    Cheers, mib

  • As a pretty lazy creature, it took me lot of time to try create new profile (and create all that "login forever" cookies and other things). So, now I can say it helped nothing of my list. Even few seconds after new profile was created (or, to be correct, old profile moved out), first issue appeared - and it appeared even on other OS. That's obviously a bug.

    I didn't spotted 2,3,4; but I believe it's not due to non-presence of bug, it's rather caused by short visited URL list thus much faster rendering.

    The point 5. and 7. appears almost immediately. Although the browser does this to me every time, I still not managed to get used to it.

    So, getting a new profile was not way to solve this problems. They are definitely bugs. And no one tries to solve them. No one is going to tell me "hey, this is intended functionality" or "you're right, let's find out details and repair it". Although O12 was not perfect, it was huge lost. Sad.

  • Hi again!

    I've discovered another super-annoying bug. When I open new tab, type something into address line and then quickly switch to previous tab (with ctrl+tab), the new page opens in that previous tab and new tab remains empty.

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    @sukovec May be this issue is a bug.
    Please read how to Report a bug for Vivaldi carefully and then report the bug to Vivaldi bugtracker.

  • Hello Gwen-Dragon. I can, of course, make a bug report - and I've made one bug report about these pretty serious issues more than year ago. However, most of these issues are probably caused by incorrect handling of events and thus are probably related - but nobody is even trying to say "hey, we are trying to repair this", like these problems are just minor problems. Are they?

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    @sukovec said in The address line in Vivaldi - it shouldn't work like this:

    but nobody is even trying to say "hey, we are trying to repair this", like these problems are just minor problems. Are they?

    The developers can not interact here and tell us what they will fix. But you can ask me about the status of a bug at end of and i will check it or try to ping a developer.

  • Hi.

    One of these issues was reported 31th may 2017: VB-28940.

    If it makes sense, I will report all of these - as a one issue, as they are probably related.

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    @sukovec said in The address line in Vivaldi - it shouldn't work like this:


    Was not reproducible in 1.10.

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