Do you want a Altair 8800?

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    The first micro-computer on the market was the Altair 8800. The kit designed by Ed Roberts was probably the catalyst for the technology we enjoy today. In fact, the Altair 8800 was the first machine that had a BASIC interpreter written by Paul Allen and Bill Gates. And yes, although the machine is obsolete, it seems to be a good resource for us to take perspective of where we are and where we come from.

    The new Altair-Duino version is based on the original Altair emulation project, which appeared in hackster, idea of ​​David Hansel, who used an Arduino Due and an Arduino Mega 2560, to replicate the original machine from scratch.


    Once armed and running, you can experience what programming was like in this era of personal computing. According to the IEEE Spectrum publication, the Altair-Duino comes with a lot of loaded software. Stephen Cass writes: One can create a program simply by changing the switch settings of the panel. You can load the Microsoft BASIC interpreter, which only occupies 4K, among other programs.

    (Not compatible with Vivaldi 😃)

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    Going back to the roots with a low-tech server and website, explained on this solar-powered page

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