Google Smart Lock?

  • So, I'm using Vivaldi since the beggining of the year, and I'm still adapting and importing stuff from the other browsers I used to use.

    I was making some tests with LastPass this week, and when I went to change my Twitch account password, I noticed that Vivaldi was offering a "generating password and storing it" like LastPass using Google Smart Lock.

    alt text

    The text is in Portuguese, but basically Vivaldi is offering me to create a secure password, add to the service and then save it on Google Smart Lock.

    Now, before doing this, and before jumping to LastPass, I wanted to know: Is there any way for Vivaldi to sync with Google Smart Lock? I already have tons of passwords stored there, but Vivaldi can't recognize tham, I keep needing to re-add the passwords for every site I used on Chrome. Is there any way to keep using it, maybe hidden in vivaldi://settings?

    Also, it seems that this service of generating strong passwords is not available for every website (TBH, I've only found it on Twitch so far).
    Are there plans to bring it as a feature for every password, and to use Smart Lock? If I'm able to retrieve all passwords I have saved on Smart Lock and use them on Vivaldi and use a built-in tool to generate and manage my passwords syncing with Smart Lock so I can have everything on my phone, it's way more desirable than using an external app like LastPass, at least for me.


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    @supermouse Vivaldi does not pay for Google services and so, as far as I can tell, there would be no way for Vivaldi to sync with (or even see) Google Smart Lock. Not all Chromium pages and functions have been weeded out from Vivaldi as yet, so out-of-context things like this do pop up from time to time.

    I have also seen a similar ("Let Vivaldi create a secure password for you?") invitation, but I can't remember where just now.

    I wonder if you would be kind enough to file a bug report. If you will, I will go into the Vivaldi bug-tracking systems and confirm it.

  • Ah, OK then, it's something that remained from the Chromium base?

    That's why I wasn't able to find any information about it anywhere.

    No problem, I'll fill in a bug report, and I guess I'll start using LastPass since it's compatible with almost everything.

    Thanks for the help.

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    @ayespy There are a bunch of these experiments. If you go into vivaldi://flags and search for password you can see them. This one in particular: vivaldi://flags/#enable-password-generation

  • So I just noticed this now on some web site, and was curious about how V even stores this password. So is this a bug and should never have shown ? Is my password being saved anywhere ?
    Lol I wasn't even logged into google so I dont know how it saved with Google Smart Lock ?

    I see that V has brought in all the passwords from Chrome via Smart Lock - is this also a bug ?


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