Vivaldi uses all of the available memory after udate to 1.14

  • I disabled all extensions and it seems to be doing the same thing

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    Hit Shift+Esc and tell which process consumes so much?

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    @frozenform How much available memory is there, and are you on 32-bit, or 64 bit? We have a developer particularly interested in this issue at the moment, and this info might be important. I can't reproduce it on X64, but I do run out of memory (3.75 GB only) on X86.

  • I'm using the 64bit version of vivaldi. I have a total of 113 tabs open in 4 windows. The "Browser" task is shown as using the most memory, jumping 4GB and ~100-ish MB.0_1517425299766_vtmg1.png

    My PC main specs:
    Ryzen 1600x
    16GB RAM
    Radeon RX 480 4GB

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    @frozenform And how much RAM do you have available?

  • @ayespy 16GB

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    @frozenform Thanks. And your OS?

  • @ayespy Windows 10

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    @frozenform Thank you.

  • @frozenform How long do you have to wait for this to happen? Any specific actions?

    Also, with leaks like this, it's often useful to enable the Handles and GDI/User Objects columns in Process Explorer. When one of those starts leaking, the count will climb dramatically, and that can deplete main memory (not that I've seen this happen with Vivaldi, but in other cases over the years).

  • @rseiler As suggested I enabled the columns.

    The numbers seems consistent between restarts and don't change much while running.
    Vivaldi starts consuming about 300MB ram per second after the browser becomes usable, as in when tab content appearss in all windows.

  • Can you start it with a dummy profile as a test? You're sort of running out of things that it can be. A rogue plugin (as opposed to extension, that you've accounted for)? Video driver (hard to believe)?

  • Just experienced a similar issue where it consumed 3GB+ of RAM with a modest 2 window ~40 tabs. Dead bird -> crash.

    Win 10 x64 8GB of RAM.

  • @teacup 3GB for 40 tabs in a Chromium browser (especially if you're using the x64 version)? That's normal, maybe even better than average. I'm sitting at 3-5GB all day every day, and I almost never reach 40 tabs. Though maybe you mean more a rapid ascent to that figure, and especially the crash. That's not normal.

  • I've been able to replicate the issue and can do so fairly reliably with only a couple of attempts now:

    1. Have some tabs open
    2. Open new window
      a. Move to another monitor (unsure if required)
      b. Resize window (unsure if required)
    3. Open new tab in original window
    4. Memory consumption grows at ~200mB p/sec
    5. Crash at approx 3.5GB of memory consumption

    I'm not yet sure if it's:

    • semi-random
    • requires 2a / 2b
    • requires a certain amount of memory consumption/number of tabs/process running already

    Here's two screenshots of all of the Vivaldi processes as it goes off the rails, number one with extensions running and number two with all disabled.



    @rseiler It seems abnormal to me. In this case most of them were from a previous session so weren't actually active (maybe ~15 active)

  • Bump.

    Can now replicate fairly reliably. Update above.

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    @teacup Your information has been forwarded to the Team.

  • How could I test with/without plugins? I haven't installed anything extra and the plugin page seems to be removed from chrome.

    Some interesting things I found:
    If a save the offending session, close everything, and just have an empty window memory usage returns to normal, but if I then reopen a window from the trash button, the memory usage issue returns. But if i shutdown vivaldi with just an empty window and then restore windows one-by-one from the trash button everything works normally, but if I then restart with all windows open the memory issue returns.

    If I put all my windows in a single monitor, there is no memory issue on startup, but it return once i open a new tab.

    Dragging a window to a different monitor seems to increase memory usage by about (2~4)x(tab count) MB (or something close)

    My primary monitor is 1920x1200, index 2; my secondary monitor is 1440x900, index 1

  • @teacup

    Eliminated a few things.

    Tested with a clean startup (ie: no tabs).
    Single monitor 1920x1050.
    Win10 taskbar with mouse-over preview enabled

    1. Create some tabs (testing with ~5) and browse (google afasdfsadf, etc.)
    2. Create new window (no need to browse or do anything)
    3. Go back to original window (without minimising)
    4. Create new tabs (sometimes fires on 1, 2 or 3). Browsing not necessary all of the time.

    Edit: Seems to not matter how many tabs before opening the new window (tested with 1). Leak triggered at approx 85mb with 7-8 tabs open in primary window (and 1 empty in secondary)

  • Using the instructions in the last post, I wasn't able to replicate the leak (I'll try again though), but I did replicate the ~80% CPU issue reported here! The second window is what does it.

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