Opera browser updated to stop crypto-currency mining... Vivaldi??

  • According to this article on the Bitdefender security site Opera has introduced a Beta version which blocks the crypto-currency miner(s).
    Since I no longer use Opera > v12 I don't know if it blocks all known miners or just one.

    Wondering if Vivaldi is considering a similar blocker or are we dependent on Chrome updates to provide this function?

    Currently using the NoCoin list for uBlock Origin (seems to be what O is using) as well as blocking individual mining sites.
    Using Vivaldi 1.14.1047.3 (Official Build) (64-bit),Win 10 Home on HP Pavillion laptop.

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    I use uBlockOrigin to block such ugly miners.

    I could not see any feature in internal feature tracker. You may make a request in forum.

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  • @greybeard As per GD's advice of uBlockOrigin, fyi several weeks ago one helpful forum member here [my memory fails me as to who it was] mentioned adding these to the UO "My Filters" tab. I dunno if these are possibly redundant, ie, maybe UO natively blocks these ones already, but i added them anyway:


  • There's also this block list, which can be imported into a wide variety of ad-blocking extensions.

  • All Opera did was add a block list to its internal ad blocker, the list being one focused on cryptominers. If you want to know what's actually on the list, you'd need to check with the people who maintain the list. As Opera uses a standard format for block lists, you could add the list they are using to most ad-blocking extensions. And Opera has it in the current Stable version, not just in Beta.

  • @steffie
    Ublock Origin does Not block these miners natively.
    The easiest method Ublock Origin is to add a custom filter:
    NoCoin Filter List
    That way if a new mining site starts up it will hopefully be added and when you "Update" your filters it will be added (as long as it is supported).
    That is why I'd rather see this as a Browser feature. Being dependent on a third party to keep this up to date is not the most effective way to provide security.
    (As much as I admire the team at Ublock Origin we do not know how long they will find this a productive use of their time and move on.)

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    Please discuss a implementation of such blocker in Vivaldi at https://forum.vivaldi.net/topic/23549/blocker-the-crypto-currency-miner-s


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