Yandex Browser redirects to when doing Bing searches

  • As the title suggests, once you set Bing as your default search engine, I found Yandex browser briefly going to before landing on Bing search results page. This seems suspicious. My guess is that the company couldn't monetize Bing searches so they went through route? Anybody else has a similar experience? I really like this browser, but this makes me think twice...

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    The only thing I like about Bing is his translator, something more correct than Google. My search engine is Startpage (Ixquick), which certainly does not do these things you describe.
    Anyway review your computer and browser with AdwCleaner

  • @zodius I've tried it and Yandex does not do that. I think it sounds like you've got a browser hijacker

  • @catweazle Interestingly, the same thing happens on the mobile Yandex Browser and Yandex Launcher search bar on Android.

  • @artex Are you sure? I get the same result both on my Mac and on Android. Can you check your default search engine settings? To get there, right-click on the address bar and select "Change default search engine...":
    Imgur![alt text]
    Then check the search string for Bing:

    Can you paste the search string here? Mine clearly goes to

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    Delete Bing and ad Bing from oficial web, but better, use another search engine, Startpge the best

  • @catweazle That is not my issue. I am more disappointed with Yandex for this sneaky behavior. I am not sure whether I should continue with the browser. I really love it in terms of functionality, but this business makes me think twice...

  • @zodius I doubled check on android and i do not have the "trovi" thing show up.
    But researching Trovi you'll find out that it is a browser hijacker, most browser hijackers are able to infect more than one device that your browser is installed on especially if you have syncing on.

    So I conclude that it is not Yandex's issue more like you unknowingly got a hijacker. I suggest scanning your computer with some good antimalware scanner like malwarebytes or hitman pro.

  • @artex Thanks for the suggestion. I also found the same information. What is puzzling to me is that Yandex browsers on both of my devices would redirect to ONLY when using Bing as a default engine. This doesn't happen with any other browser on any of my systems. I guess I will just stick with Vivaldi/Opera/Chrome for now, things seem to be easier with them.

  • @zodius I checked Windows and i did find Trovi search, it could be a Yandex issue after all. You can delete it and make a new Bing profile with the correct search
    Name: Bing
    keyword: b

    I've tested it and now it does not redirect to Trovi. I use Yandex browser as a daily browser it sucks that they have decided to do this, but it's fixable, so i wont leave it.

  • @artex Thank you for confirming, I thought I was going crazy! The problem with your approach is the absence of search suggestions unless you are OK with that. By the way, why are you using Yandex as opposed to Opera or Chrome or Vivaldi?

  • @zodius I don't care about suggestions that much so it doesn't bother me. I use 4 web browsers two on different computers, Vivaldi Snapshot, Opera Dev are on my laptop, while Yandex and Pale Moon are on my tower computer. I love how all the browsers have better and more features than chrome, as well as have a better UI than the simplistic uglyness that chrome has.

    If you liked Yandex than i suggest you try out Opera, they have many similar features, like the popout video
    As for Chrome it's too much of a resource hog, so it slows down the PC and ugly UI, little to no features. Chrome is not special anymore. To me it's the bare bones of browsing similar to Edge atm, although Edge does have better UI. I personally feel like Opera/Vivaldi and Firefox as well as other chrome clones that have implemented useful features, less resources thus faster browsing and beautiful UI.

    I dont even use Google search unless im having trouble finding something. I use DuckDuckGo and Qwant they offer similar results as Google while Bing offers near exact matches as Google, so tbh Bing isnt that bad.

  • @zodius Wow, I have been searching for anyone else with this problem for MONTHS. I knew 100% I wasn't infected. I was so angry about it, I tweeted at Yandex a few times asking what the in hell are they doing, but to no avail. I'm relieved to find out I'm not the only one, and I may switch back from Opera since there is a "fix".

  • @prof4ne Glad to help

  • For me it's a bit odd to see such requests. I mean, Yandex is itself nearly a piece of adware, banned in some countries. It hacks my browser settings all the time. I mean its start page. So I would recomend remocing the Yandex browser altogether.
    On the other hand, if you have the virus anyway, there is a good removal guide for trusted browsers

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