Can't play Youtube videos.

  • I am using Mac 10.12.6 and Vivaldi 1.12.955.48 (Stable channel) (64-bit).

    I can see that flash is installed and working in the browser. The Flash Player Settings Manager also works.

    Youtube videos do not play.

    Example: If I attempt to play a video here.

    1. In Chrome Version 61.0.3163.100 (Official Build) (64-bit) the video plays without error.
    2. In Vivaldi the video fails with the An error occurred. Please try again later. message.

    0_1510001889003_Screen Shot 2017-11-06 at 12.20.32 PM.png

    How can I better trouble-shoot and resolve this problem?

  • I forgot to mention that I disabled all plugins. So there does not appear to be a conflict with a plugin.

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    @mmynsted Google sure is not making it easy to play YouTube videos with the Flash Player anymore...

    YouTube is trying to play the video that you linked to using their HTML5 player but this H.264-encoded video cannot (currently) be played by Vivaldi on your Mac. This issue (and a temporary workaround for some Macs) has been discussed at length in the Mac Forums for a while now; look for the "Vivaldi can't play videos on [some] site" topics. All of us with blacklisted GPUs or older iMacs with Radeon GPUs are waiting for Vivaldi to finish implementing a fix.

  • Thank you. I read those and tried the black-list fix, and the hardware acceleration disable fix, but neither worked. I guess I just need to wait for a new version of Vivaldi.

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    @mmynsted At the moment, video formats (such as H.264) can currently only be played by Vivaldi on macOS when hardware acceleration is enabled and there is an active GPU Helper process. You can check this by opening vivaldi://gpu

    If hardware acceleration is not available, some video formats simply will not play in Vivaldi on macOS.

    This primarily occurs if the Chromium developers discover a graphics driver bug that affects their code and blacklist the driver. Some MacBook users also disable hardware acceleration intentionally with the hope that this will extend their battery life. Disabling hardware acceleration will partially break video playback.

    Overriding the blacklist is not an ideal fix on some Macs because it can result in rendering glitches, degrade performance on some sites, or cause outright breakage. A fix truly is in the works that will enable proprietary media playback in these situations without having to resort to workarounds.

    The other issue (affecting primarily older iMacs) is that a different decoding strategy is required for some Mac hardware. On those systems, some video formats will not play... with or without hardware acceleration. I hope that we're close to seeing a fix for this too.

    I hope that this provides some additional clarity.

  • So that was the Vivaldi Experience for me, today I migrated my Vivaldi Bookmarks back to Safari and have syncing over all devices back and the ability to watch every video I want. I cannot read this crap about the hardware acceleration and Chromium blacklists anymore. I do have hardware accelaration enabled and I am not blacklisted. Unfortunately I cannot take the Vivaldi project seriously anymore, very unfortunately, because it seemed like a good opportunity to use Chromium with my privacy being compromised.

    But as I already said I cannot take a company serious who seems to have got almost everything right and yet cannot play half the video's I see and want to see online. Come on Vivaldi is the only browser that fails to do so except for maybe Chromium due to licensing issues. So goodbye for now, I will check to see if this (mac) issue is fixed every year or so ..

  • @detlevski After playing around with Vivaldi for a week now, I was very excited at first with all its features, especially with regards to bookmarks, tabs and session management. But with all the issues related to Videos not playing and the lack of Synchronisation... I'm forced to go back to Opera or Chrome. As a normal user, I am not concerned with the techno mumbo jumbo. First and foremost it must WORK ! Then the additional features come in play but if its not fully functional then its worthless to me. It's really a shame because had it not been for those 2 major functionality issues, Vivaldi would have become my first choice immediately 😞
    Its disconcerting that it does things so well that no other browser does... but then it can't do the basic things that ALL other browsers do ?!?

  • Same here. Loved Vivaldi, spent time setting up so I could make it my browser then find won't play video on my MacBook Pro. It's not a Commodore 64! How can you release a browser in 2017 that has a problem playing videos? And you're supposed to search through forums and try changing various settings??? This is so basic I am still flabbergasted....

  • I have found one "solution" , I think this problem are direct related with this new clean google like interface that youtube updated weeks ago.
    Im selected to go back to old version of youtube and installed this userscript using tempermonkey = > YoubuteCenter
    Now the broken videos are playing like a charm
    I hope vivaldi fix this soon . Cya guys

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    Hey guys, we are very much aware of this issue and are working on it. The underlying problem is that on Mac we use the Chromium hardware decoder to decode some h264 videos. When the GPU has been blacklisted by Chromium this decoder cannot be used. We are implementing a new mechanism where we hope to reuse our regular platform media decoding also in this case. This is a feature we haven't had before and it will take longer than a bug fix. We realize that this is a big inconvenience for Mac users with blacklisted GPUs and we will release it the moment we have it working and tested. Thanks for your patience!

  • Any news on this? Still having the issue 10.12.6 with 1.14.1077.55 (Stable channel) (64-bit).

    Safari and Chromium (!!) are working well.

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    @vyedmic I asked the Vivaldi team about this over the weekend. The good news is that they haven't forgotten about us -- the work is still ongoing and they're making good progress. I don't know when the fix will be ready but I'm still happy that things are moving forward.

  • Are there any other tips for mac users to playback video in a reliable manner? I often have a video play only the first 20 seconds or so, then refuse to play in Vivaldi. Fire up Chrome, put in the same URL, and the entire video plays without issue.


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