Can anyone confirm that O12.18 becomes more and more unstable last months?

  • Hello!

    I'm using O12.18 furthermore until Vivaldi M3 is ready (in some decades or so ^^). Since few monthes i see that O12.18 becomes unstable. Not only on one machine, on all machines i've use it. Even if M2 is configured or not. I think it results from some JS framework which was updated in the near past. Or an crappy ad delivered from a host which was not on my block list.

    At some days O12 crashes every hour, at other days it works fine. Can anyone confirm this? Or is this a local issue at my side?


  • Depending on specific websites, old Opera can be completely unusable. I never used it, even in the old days, for Yt/Fb or such, and by now nobody should even try. For HTML4 (text, css, images, and links with minimal javascript) it still works fine.

    I always used old Opera first and foremost for email. It was convenient to open links from emails in the same application, but whenever it didn't work, I simply opened another browser. This is how I use old Opera to this day.

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    Most modern site do not work correct because most Javascript libraries do not support such end-of-life Opera versions.

  • Codehunter -> I also wanted to wait with my Switch to Vivaldi until the time "M3" is up and running... but somehow in the meantime it was Firesomething (Yeah, the old "Enemy" (read as in CBM64 vs Atari XL/XE or Amiga vs. Atari ST Fanboy Love/Hate Relationship) Debate) that I used more and more in recent times - There are still enough sides I bookmarked that I can visit with Opera12, but the majority of casual sides/search results and most commercial ones are a NoGo with Presto 😕
    I still use it as my MailClient on a daily basis, but as a WebBrowser it is more of a sports nowadays (Just to keep it alive within the logs - especially when I visit the newOpera-Forum...

  • You do know you can download the separate Opera Mail application and use it with Vivaldi - or any other browser. Mind you, Opera Mail build 1044 (released at the same time as Opera 12.18) really is just Opera 12.18 with the browser part removed, so it's the same as using 12.18 but never opening a web tab - and in that sense you could just keep 12,18 and just not use it as a browser.


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