Restore last session

  • Probably had two browser windows open and first closed the one with many tabs ... I have the following large files in the Default folder:

    Last Session
    Last Tabs
    Session Storage/014330.ldb
    Session Storage/MANIFEST-000001

    Is it possible to restore from any of those the window session with many tabs?

  • don't you see them in the trashcan (upper right)?

  • I didn't look there at the time and there isn't anything now - can anything be restored from the files listed?

    ...or the folder 'Session Storage'?

  • There's a large "Last session" and a large "Last tab" file that remained from before accident, as well as a few backup files in the "Session storage" directory - can one at least read their contents ?


    1. Download the Chromagnon tool, unzip & put the Last session/tab files into it
    2. Download & install Python 2 (the 2nd version)
    3. Launch CMD, navigate to your unzipped Chromagnon tool & run:

    python "Current Session" > current_session.log
    python "Current Tabs" > current_tabs.log

    The tabs' urls are exported together with the history of each tab.

  • Cool, thanks for the link.

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