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    Hello everyone, To make the process of reporting/receiving bug reports little bit easier for everyone, we've made a simple bug report form. Please look through the forums before reporting through the wizard. And please write in English 🙂 Bugs can be filed [url=https://vivaldi.com/bugreport/?pk_campaign=forum-windows]here[/url]

  • Tomita-san, where do we go to check on the status of bugs reported? Sorry if I just missed it somewhere.

  • I just posted a bug to the forum before reading this. I'd sure like feedback too after submitting a bug for the same reasons mentioned above.

  • Indeed; there was a reason the Opera bug system was closed but for a new project such as this it should simply be opened up from the start if you want to better build a community.

  • +1 for some type of list of reported bugs.
    (do not need to see priority or date when it was posted etc. Just wanna see it till it's solved in a release to know that it's reported already)

    edit: maybe with an option "+1/like" (with a meaning I was about to report it as well)?

  • +100 for a bug tracker where one could at least find out whether the bug he's about to report has already been reported.

    It was my least favorite experience with Opera bug reporting hands down - not knowing how many people, if any, had reported the issue before. To the point where I felt discouraged from even reporting bugs precisely for this very reason - I didn't want to spam the bug tracker with bugs that have been reported hundred times before.

  • +1 for a list of reported bugs / bug tracker
    It should be really useful for the developers not to get a bug reported 20 times because the person reporting the bug does not know it was already reported.

  • Put a field in the bug report form where we send a screenshot.jpg or the screenshot URL via BBCode using an external host about the bug

  • @jazei:

    Put a field in the bug report form where we send a screenshot.jpg or the screenshot URL via BBCode using an external host about the bug

    JPG and png because i prefer png 😃 I've just reported a bug and i think devs may not understand it fully without screenshot.

    For uploading screenshots and images host i would like to see vivaldi.net with image host service, this would be nice because these hundreds of image host services over the web are usually weak and miss something or are complete mess.

  • Even though I don't have Vivaldi installed on my system,when I try to install the new build of Vivaldi (TP2_1.0.94.2) on my computer I see this error message. I'm using Windows 8.1, x64 with latest update.

  • Is there supposed to be any kind of acknowledgement of a submitted bug report at the time the report is submitted? Using Vivaldi to submit a bug report just now, I pressed the submit button several times, but observed nothing at all visually to indicate my report was sent or received by the tracker. All the fields on the page were filled in. Entirely apart from any kind of eMail or other acknowledgement issue, there should be some kind of message-received response from the submission page to at least let a user know the transaction successfully occurred.

  • @RRR13:

    … I remember there was a message on the page with the report form confirming the bug report has been sent, but that was it; no e-mail.

    Strange… Using the latest version, the bug reporter (in reporting yet another bug) seems to work correctly now - or at least, after the bug submittal, I immediately got an acknowledgement page which I did not get when reporting my earlier bug via That earlier bug (which dealt with being unable to exit Vivaldi via the upper-right "X" button after using/closing the settings page) has been fixed in this version, both as stated in the version change log and by my direct experimentation.

  • Косяки в интерфейсе окна настроек
    windows 7 professional x64

  • @jazei:

    Put a field in the bug report form where we send a screenshot.jpg or the screenshot URL via BBCode using an external host about the bug

    Friendly bump. How are we supposed to add additional information like screenshots or preference files etc.?

    It would facilitate the feedback process a lot, I think. Thanks for consideration. 🙂


  • I don't know this bug is reported or not. I have noticed bugs in tab moving feature. Seems it happens after moving tabs and dropping a tab to another one, when tab stacking disabled.

  • vivaldi looses the user-profile if two instances where started. i.e. you start an instance (and for a reasonably long time nothing happens - in the task-manager you see the sandboxes for each tab - but as i told nothing visible happens) you try to start another instance - and the profile - the state of latest tabs - are gone :unsure:

    from pi

  • If I write (Zitieren) something in a forum and would like to correct a mistake with the backspace key does not work.

  • I have problem with my Windows taskbar when browser is maximized.
    I personalize on my Windows 7 taskbar on top and set auto-hide. now when vivaldi is maximized (not F11 - full screen) I can't see it, and the taskbar not ejects. When i want do something I must press windows key on keyboard

  • Well,

    since this is no ordinary error feedback thread, i'd like to come back to its very purpose.

    After having filed several "bugs" and still seeing them in later builds I really do wonder how the overall file-fix-test[:repeat] process is supposed to work on the long run.
    For instance, is there any visible "sign" telling me to refile my findings because they obviously had been "overlooked" and/or "forgotten"?
    Or, how do I know wether my original finding has been officially confirmed to be a defect, or defined to work as designed?

    I really would like to increase my test activities, but only if there's a sort of a basic "no-redundancy" policy.


  • I'm actually having trouble filing the bug reports using the Vivaldi browser, ironically enough. Clicking submit doesn't appear to be doing anything. It's really odd because I've had so little trouble with it on websites elsewhere.


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