Sunny Singap0re

  • Hello Vivaldians,

    Kudos 101% to have that determination to develop a browser that do no exist on the mobile playstore . Thats is bold. I like that . I come from a tiny island of Singap0re. I observered alot request for vpn/proxy style like opera browser.
    I would love to see a dns like yandex and open dns with security,

  • @mdno
    Welcome aboard. 😄

    Mobile version planned to be there. No ETA.
    Focus to desktop version still needed. I believe you notice that too.

    VPN/Proxy been talked to the dead in multiple threads. DNS request is rather new.
    Some want it (agree), others don't (including me). And it's huge on both side.
    The rest depend to Vivaldi.


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