Ghacks: How to speed up the Vivaldi web browser

  • @rseiler
    Thank you for sharing.

    All of the tweaks are make sense. I already use some of them.

    I'm not/never use mouse gestures (I'm one of those keyboard guy).
    But, why turn on/off mouse gesture & rocker gesture effect resources at all? 😕

    I doubt gestures user want to turn them off.

  • Oh dear, another one of these types of articles, sigh.

    I run all my chromium-based browsers with their caches in /tmp, which itself runs as a ram-disk per tmpfs. That seems to be a good mod, for speed, privacy, & SSD-life. However, all these articles that advise us to basically turn-off / disable nice features & functions of the browser [or software in general], bore & exasperate me. In the specific case of Vivaldi, i use it [as would be true for a high% of its users i expect, especially we early-adopters who came to it after Opera12] because i want lots of eye-candy & fabulous features, functions & customisability. Why on earth would i want to lose all that? I mean, i might as well then just stick with one of the numerous hollow pleb browsers out there... 🙂
    Tower & Lappy = Maui Linux 2.1 "Blue Tang" x64 Plasma 5.8.4.

  • Most times I like the ghacks vivaldi articles but this one is a bit mmmh lets say not my favourite one.
    The article is about speed up but doesn't


    This enables low end device mode which improves memory consumption of the browser.

    do the opposite?
    When you allow vivaldi to use less memory than it needs this might save you some ram which is nice on a pc/laptop that is a few years old but I doubt that this will improve your speed in any way.
    In fact I think you pay for the free ram with a higher cpu usage - or am I mistaken on this one?

  • The problem with "tweak advice" usually lies to other people who actually apply them without knowledge what that tweak consequences.
    If something broken, they instead go to browser maker place and write post "Why I leave this Browser"

    Ghacks filled with tweaks advice, mostly for Firefox. Those tweaks are far deeper more scary. Actually ruin UX.

    Not just applications or hardware availability, modern OS also more smarter in resources management.
    So, tweak like that usually bogus.

    For people like me, it actually fun to throw tweaks/changes to something to see what will broken.
    Ever NOP Linux Kernel parts? It burns... it burns.

  • Now Ghacks wants you to speed up something called "Opera," too. Wouldn't that make it even harder to listen to?


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