Why is it I hate Google Chrome with Passion but do like Vivaldi a lot?

  • After getting comfortable with Vivaldi in the last few months, I thought I should lgive Google Chrome another try, since surely I must actually like Chrome now, since this is supposely based on much of the Chrome code.

    So I installed it, and gave it a good try today, omg I find it irritating more than ever, with Vivaldi i'm used to the address/search bar on the bottom of the screen, no way I could find an obvious way to do that on Chrome, even if such an option even exists.

    Also I felt my privacy was immediately invaded, with Google constantlly monitoring my history, sites visits, bookmarks, it's so an errie feeling.

    My Alternative is Firefox, I don't exactly hate this, but I shifted to Vivilda because Firefox is lost what it's used to be famous for, a lightweight browser what Vivilda is today.

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  • @Spiderkeys


    New browser? 😆

    And I think this topic more fit for Chit Chat or technology.

  • Oddly, I prefer Chromium to Chrome (on Linux). I plan to run Vivaldi on Linux as well as Windows.

    For me, Vivaldi has more in common with Maxthon and Opera (Presto), so it is a natural choice.

    Basing Vivaldi on Chromium (Blink) was an astute move as it can utilise Chrome extensions and runs well on most sites.

    It could be seen as just another Chromium based browser but I think it is much more than that.

    I first ran Vivaldi over two years ago, I was impressed even then. I'm still impressed, after being disappointed in so many other browsers (especially Opera Blink).


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