Vivaldi wants to use your confidential info stored in "Chrome Safe Storage" in your keychain

  • [b]PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE[/b] ...can someone at Vivaldi STOP the irritating dialog box containing this message from appearing EVERY time I access Vivaldi. [attachment=4651]nag.png[/attachment] I'm sure the reason is because of these: a) that Apple don't allow a "Always Deny" button, b) that if you've got your cookies set to either "Session only" or "Never" then Vivaldi can't record that you've pressed "Deny" (you don't want to store information in your Keychain). ....but that doesn't stop Vivaldi from making the default to NOT asked you, then putting the ALLOW option inside the preferences! Time to go back to Chrome! Attachments: [img][/img]

  • I'm also getting this every time I open Vivaldi. Chrome has been around for a while and has earned my trust so I have bookmarks, passwords, Google account information, etc stored in Chrome. I've never heard of Vivaldi before today and am wanting to try it out but there is no way I'm allowing this new browser to access all of the information I've trusted to Chrome. This will be a huge issue for new users wanting to try this browser out.


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