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    King of the Weeds (2014) is a Mickey Spillane with Max Allan Collins novel featuring private investigator Mike Hammer.

    Explanation of Title

    King of the Weeds refers to Rudy Olaf, prisoner in Sing Sing who ran the prison library and controlled the prison underground while he served his sentence which is soon to be overturned to the chagrin of Pat and Mike who put him behind bars.

    Plot Summary

    Mike is busy dodging bullets. Velda is beyond getting impatient with Mike for postponing their wedding. Pat is fast approaching retirement. A forty year old criminal case involving Pat and Mike has resurfaced. The King of the Weeds is close to getting out of Sing Sing. The Mob's missing 89 billion dollars is still unaccounted for. The Mob and the Feds want to get their hands on the money. Police officers are dying at a statistically high rate. Mike has stopped smoking.

    Chapter Summary

    Chapter 1: Mike Hammer is shot at by a "little man in the tailored navy blue suit" outside Mike's office early one morning and is saved by a dictionary he is carrying inside his coat.

    Chapter 2: It starts as a rehash of Mickey Spillane's novel Black Alley followed by a visit by Pat Chambers to Mike's office to discuss the assassination attempt on Mike's life.

    Chapter 3: Pat and Mike visit Assistant D.A. Mandy Clark to discuss the forty year old Rudy Olaf case.

    Chapter 4: After a trip to the cemetary to bury a young officer and a visit with newspaperman Tim Darcy at The Cavern, Pat and Mike visit the prison where wrongly accused Rudy Olaf is being held. Then it's a trip to Bellevue to talk to Henry Brogan, newly confessed serial killer in the Rudy Olaf murders.

    Chapter 5: Mike makes another early morning trip to his office and winds up talking to the next door janitor and then meets neighbood undercover bag lady Rita Callaghan. After talking with local patrolmen Chuck and Steve, Mike goes back to the Hackard Building to wait for Bill Raabe, the night security guard. After talking with Bill, Mike goes up to his office to wait for Velda. After coffee with Velda, they go downstairs to the basement parking garage, where Mike encounters the "blue suited" assassin waiting in ambush. This time, Mike shoots and kills the assassin.

    Chapter 6: Mike wants to enjoy his Luddite ways before calling Pat to come over to examine the attempted assassination crime scene. After coffee with Velda, Mike gets a visit from US Treasury Agent Roger Buckley. Mike has a late lunch at Suzie's with Pat who ids the assassin as a Corsican "high-end hitter." Afterward, on their way to One Police Plaza, Pat stops off at Brogan's "ratty old four-story tenement" to show Mike where Brogan hide Rudy Olaf's murder weapon. At 5pm that evening, Rudy Olaf was released from Sing Sing.

    Chapter 7: Mike meets attorney Rufus Tomlin at Charlie's Deli for dinner to discuss the missing billions. After dinner, Velda and Mike visit Marvin Dooley in New Brunswick around eight in the evening to talk about Marvin's father, Marcus Dooley and the man who shot Marcus. Again the subject of the missing billions comes up and if Marcus could have had an old buddy who helped Marcus with the mob's billions.

    Chapter 8: Mike and Velda discuss a possible chess connection between Brogan, Olaf and old man Dooley. Next morning, bag lady Rita Callaghan reports in to Mike. Later, Mike meets with reporter Tim Darcy and Danny Dixon at the Cavern.

    Chapter 9: Mike meets Frank Hellman at the Canterbury Club. After some target shooting, Frank discusses possibilities for Mike with respect to the missing billions.

    Chapter 10: Being mistaken for Mike, Pat gets shot in the stomach, coming out of Pete's Chophouse. While at the hospital, Mike and Velma meet Rudy Olaf, who says that Henry Brogan has died.

    Chapter 11: Velda gets fitted for a bullet proof vest at Bud Langsford's place. Back in the office by 10:30 am, Mike gets a visit from Amy and Nick Brogan who complain to Mike that they will not get the inheritance they were promised.

    Chapter 12: The climatic chapter, where Mike finally makes his move and it's off to the Adirondacks with Treasury Agent Roger Buckley.

    Chapter 13: Mike visits Rudy Olaf, who is back in jail for conspiracy to defraud the government.

    Mike Hammer Wisdom

    "Hey, I'm perfectly satisfied with the meal I've been served. But that does't mean I can't glance in a bakery window..."

    In response to a question, "You carrying, Mike?" Mike says, "Certainly. You don't visit a nudist colony unless you're ready to strip down."

    Mike's War Time Hero

    Once, long ago, Jack Williams had died, a guy who'd given an arm for me in combat...

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    Title: Kiss Her Goodbye
    Author: Mickey Spillane with Max Allan Collins
    Release: May 25, 2011 (Hardcover); June 12, 2012
    ISBN: 978-01-5101-460-6, 978-05-4754-120-4
    Publisher: Harcourt, Mariner Books

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