Good Games.

  • I have a few games that are my all time favorites,before that i will point out what annoys me most of all and what i think makes a game bad. It is what i call nose pulling you know like a cow with a ring in its nostril and the main offender in this dept is Call of Duty and Battlefield and i know it will be pointed out that these are really online games, if that was true why bother with the single player at all? So my favorite games those that i replay are Far Cry 2 apart from the glorious graphics mods i never get tired of finding different ways of playing the game {and blowing stuff up never gets tired} it is this freedom to do as you please that is the key. Although you don't have as much freedom in these games here are my favorites in no particular order. Chaos Theory for the unexpected things that can happen, eg sniping the guy in the treasures office so he falls out of the window onto the guy below who vents his spleen then opens fire with his machine gun (i laughed until tears were rolling down my cheek when that first happened). Half Life 2 + Black Mesa and F.E.A.R an odd game that has some of the best weapons of all time like the flesh gun.

  • Last FPS I have played was "Metro: Last Light" and is one of the best in my opinion. It has a great setting, really good graphics and a good story. Gameplay is also great - you run out of ammo a lot of times and enemies are well designed (and BOSS-fights!). There also should be more than one ending.

    What I did't like, were the loading screens - just too many of them. And the HUD on the ranger-hardcore-mode, because you just don't get any. So you can't change between grenades and you don't know how many you have.

    Half-Life series is also one of my favourites and played it a plenty of times. I hope, Valve releases the final game, then I will play them again.

    Another, new tactical fps would be great. I only played SWAT 4 and liked it in some ways, but there are no new games like it.

  • I have gone back more and more to platform gaming in having bought a PS4 special around the holidays, not sure if we are talking strictly PC games here however I have been playing The Last of Us and really been enjoying it. Back in the day on PC I loved playing the Call of Duty and Battlefield games.

  • My favourite is still Quake. And with Darkplaces mod and Rygel's High resolution texture pack it looks amazing. It actually uses 100% of 1 of my 2GB GTX 760 at 1241/7800. The Ogres become the toughest enemies as they actually aim at you with precision unlike the unmodded Quake where the Ogre would just keep firing his grenades on the ground. Try this new Quake on Nighmare and you'll get frustrated with these new Ogres. Trust me.

  • @False_Christian helllo l like games but i always play evedarday

  • I love playing LOL- League of Legends. You have to try it.

  • I can recommend an immortal World of Warcraft if someone likes mmorgps. I've tried everything from GW2, through Black Desert and ESO, ending with FF. WoW is still the best (for me)

  • I like N.O.V.A. 3 most because the gameplay is mixed with cutscenes that tell the deep story. I played with a money mod on

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