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  • Everyone talks about favorite distro, but I'm not sure there's that much difference between most distros ... a bigger difference is the desktop environment. There's the old standbys Gnome and KDE, there's the new environments like Unity and Mate and Rosa, there's the simplified systems like LXDE, there's XFCE, there's the grand-daddy of them all Enlightenment ... I have at one time or another played with about 15 different desktop environments. Equinox looked like it had potential but now seems to be going nowhere. I actually thought Enlightenment 16 was somewhat overdone (too much eye candy); 17 has a bit more potential. I do like XFCE and fluxbox ... but I always go back to KDE. Mostly for the tools I guess ... but some people even abandon the classical "WIMP" desktop for a non-windowing system. So ... what do you use, and why? (Something more than "it came with the distro" if possible ...)

  • Vivaldi Team

    Very similar to me. I prefer KDE, but XFCE is the second when I should work on PC with very limited hardware.

  • Xfce. It looks pretty, yet stays out of my way. I have strong hardware, so it runs like lightening on it.

    The slightly weak netbook gets LXDE.

  • MATE for me. It is the nearest thing to classic Gnome desktop.

  • I use Gnome Shell. I hated it when it came out, but it really have grown on me and 3.10 is rock solid.

  • For me it would be KDE it is beutifull and versatile. and by the way Unity is nota desktop enviroment at least right now. It is just compiz plugin to Gnome 3. 🙂

  • For me, KDE, and only KDE ! 🙂

  • On the lesser machines I run LXDE/XFCE and the more powerful one I run KDE.

    Really have not had the opportunity to try different environments.

  • Enlightenment for me. I like to try others, but always end up back in Enlightenment after a couple days. There is nothing to distract me or get in my way. Additionally, the recent e18 releases seem more stable than e17.

  • XFCE for the Ubuntu-based dirsto I use and Fluxbox for Puppy Linux (:

  • XFCE for Xubuntu

  • For me KDE is beauty.

  • Vivaldi Team

    I'm using Unity on Ubuntu. Can't help it, it just works for me: Launchers on the left, toolbar on top. I have used everything from KDE to ratpoison, but when I need the job done I slap Ubuntu on there and fire up the default desktop.

  • KDE but I came from using GNOME 2 way back when. When Mageia offers MATE in the next release I will definitely give it a try. :cheer:

  • only KDE on Mageia4 x64

    disappointed by Mageia4
    revert back to KDE under PCLinuxOS64

  • xfce with kwin on manjaro

  • Windows 7

  • @sgunhouse:

    Everyone talks about favorite distro, but I'm not sure there's that much difference between most distros … a bigger difference is the desktop environment.

    I think there's a huge difference between how different distros are built. For example, configuration files in Ubuntu are non-existent or hard to find. The approach is evidently to maintain the distro centrally by the provider rather than locally by the user. Gentoo and Arch represent the opposite approach. There are several parameters along which to compare distros, and the differences are more often considerable than not.

    As to desktops environments, they also differ from distro to distro. In some distros you find the defaults more according to your liking, while on others you find more flexible configurability.

    I think that the current Xfce is the best option for most purposes. Xfce's defaults are best in Manjaro and Mint. Mint's Cinnamon is also wonderfully sensible out of the box, while Ubuntu's Unity is heading towards a dead end.

    Hstorically I have also liked KDE, but it makes sense to use KDE only when you tend to make use of most of its own programs, such as Kmail, Kopete, Konqueror, etc. I have found KDE 4.10 on Mageia 3 good-looking and workable.

  • @sgunhouse:

    Ubuntu's Unity is heading towards a dead end.

    I don't agree with that statement. I'm on Ubuntu 12.04, Unity desktop and as far as I'm concerned it is the best desktop I've used since Gnome 2.
    Launcher on the left, panel on top, and everything goes the way I like it.

  • Been using Xfce since 2006 and haven't felt the need to change. Prior to that I used KDE. I quite liked KDE, but I was looking for something a bit less resourceful at the time, so changed. Never really been attracted to Gnome, and its current implementation doesn't help change that.


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