Block plugins, specially flash and javascript

  • so, as far as I know, flash player, silverlight, javascript, etc, they are nothing but plugins a browser uses to show content. the problem about this kind of plugins, is that they may be used to exploit your privacy and security, specially javascript and flash. a thing I hate about a browser nowadays, is javascript: most ads on the internet are ran by javascript, like those annoyng on-click ads, where a new tab opens everytime you click anywhere on the site; and flash, because it can be used to exploit your privacy. so, for example, Firefox already started to work about this, by making a blacklist for flash fingerprinting, and mozilla also wants to block plugins definitely by early 2017. are the devs thinking about disabling plugin support too? anyway, going back to my question, I want to disable plugins if possible, I can't find the place to disable flash nor to make it click-to-run... javascript same thing... I want to disable at least those 2 because (a) they are major threats to your security and privacy (my friend got hacked through flash) and (b1) in the case of flash, well, flash is dead... all the websites I visit are now using HTML5 for a long time; (b2) javascript is only useful in forms and such things as far as I know, not an expert on this, but I read somewhere that javascript is more used to put on-click ads, track you, etc than for things that actually help you.

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    Open chrome://settings/content

    There you can:
    set Plugins to run by Click on demand
    disable Javascript
    set exceptions for some domains


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