Vivaldi won't open (Windows)

  • Hi all, since this weekend Vivaldi won't start anymore on my Win10 x64 machine: It only launches 2 proecesses, one with 2600 +-150 K Ram usage, another one with 960 +-20. Killing of the first one also kills the last one, but not otherwise. [attachment=4127]Vivaldi-wont-start2.jpg[/attachment] I've found this and tried to move "C:\Users<myusername>\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default\Session Storage*" to ".\bak", same for "current session/current tabs and last session/last tabs", but that didn't work. Here is a launch, freeze and kill log of vivaldi created by ProcMon64: Any ideas on how to fix it? ================================================== EDIT: Shame on me, sometimes a system reboot can fix so much... But in this time, all my tabs are gone and I'm opening to a tabless browser. Any ideas on how to get my old session back? (Yes, I've already tried to restore the backed-up files whose backup-process I described above.) ================================================== EDIT 2: Found out by myself: Renamed files "Last Session" and "Last Tabs" to "Current Session" and "Current Tabs" and copied them over the new ones. The adresses are there written in plain text, so in emergency cases you could extract them manually. Maybe this "crash" was still a bug worth tracking? Attachments: [img][/img]</myusername>

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    Corruption of Session files will provoke the issue you described.

    I never had this since months, i am using Snapshot from


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