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  • I'm one of those digital immigrant elderly chaps with memory that seems to be fading by the day—that's right, aging is not for sissies. For the life of me can no longer remember how to open the Speed Dial window any more. I'd further like to make the Speed Dial window my home page and would like to know how that's done. Kind thanks for any pointers, 4 Stagioni

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    Check menu/help/about and tell me your version number.

  • Kindest thanks for your reply. It's version 1.2.490.43 (64-bit) for Mac. I just found a moment ago that simply clicking the + sign to open a new tab gets you to the Speed Dial window. However, if there's a way to make that your home page,…


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    Under menu/settings/startup, enter the URL Chrome://dummystartpage


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