Have to login to all websites every time

  • Everytime I close Vivaldi, and open it again, I have to login to each website manually. It does not auto-login on any website (and I tried dozens). Examples: facebook, youtube, gog.com, fantasy.premierleague.com, .. (and a whole bunch of Belgian and Dutch websites). Sites which in Opera (which I used until now) never had any issue. Yes, the usernames and passwords are stored, and this is ok for a day or two, but after that it becomes really annoying really fast. I'm using Vivaldi 1.2.490.43 () (64-bit) (had the same issue with the 32-bit version) On Windows 10 OS Build 10586.494 (64-bit) All extensions disabled (I only have 2) This is a new computer (2 weeks), so a clean install. If you require any more information, please let me know. I'm happy to help, because I really believe in this browser, as much as I liked Opera (which I used for almost 20 years).

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    Are you allowing cookies in Settings, Privacy?

  • How the … did that get set on "Session Only"?
    Problem solved, thanks !


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