Google Inbox no longer works

  • Starting from this morning, Inbox ( only partially loads and is basically unresponsive. It loads the messages and top left categories but not the folders below that, and clicking on the categories or emails does nothing. At the bottom left is a spinning circle and "Loading...". I've tried reloading the tab and restarting Vivaldi, with no effect. I'd normally try disabling all extensions or try safe mode, but can't see how to do that in Vivaldi. Inbox works fine in Google Chrome. I'm running Vivaldi stable 1.2.490.43 32-bit. Any troubleshooting suggestions?

  • I don't think the problem is with Vivaldi. Atm I have exactly 4 messages in my inbox and it shows them all with fully loaded page - no waiting, no "Loading…" stuff.

  • In my main Vivaldi window Inbox still won't load completely. I've tried disabling all extensions and still have the same effect.

    If I open a private window, it works fine. It still works fine on Chrome too.

    Any way to troubleshoot the difference between private and normal? Can I get logs of both loading?

  • Moderator

    Check cookies settings.

  • Deleting recent cookies solved it. Thanks for the help.


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