Vivaldi extremely slow at times

  • Hello, I (try) to use vivaldi as my main browser, but there are a few problems. First of all, it takes about 15 minutes to start vivaldi from when I press the .exe until it actually has a window open and when I check the task manager, there are 2 processes open. Vivaldi then runs smoothly. It then (at what seems to be random times) can take from 2 to 5 minutes from when I click on a link until that link fully loads. It can partially load, a part of a website, but it freezes, and when one tab freezes, I can still browse through all my other tabs, unless I click on a link on those other tabs, and then the tabs I clicked on the link become unresponsive (unclickable, unscrollable) and the new tab that I just opened by clicking the link also freezes while loading. After the waiting time, they all load at the same time and I can then use vivaldi again. I run Windows 10, I am on version 1.2.490.43 and have tried both the 32 bit and the 64 bit version. The only extension enabled is lastpass, and adblock is installed but disabled. My CPU is a i7-2600k, so I'm never anywhere near 100% usage, and usually am at about 3-4%. I disabled hardware acceleration and cleaned my history, but nothing helped. Thanks for your help !

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    Something more than just Vivaldi and your system is going on here. Something is interfering.

    EVERYTHING I ever do with Vivaldi takes somewhere between a fraction of a second (so fast you can detect no delay) to a few seconds - and I'm running an A10 processor with 12 GB of RAM - nothing earth-shattering. 1.2.490 opens here in 3 seconds.

    The difficulties you are having strain the bounds of credulity. I can't imagine what would cause them.

  • I don't either, and that's why I finally decided to post on this forum to see if anybody had a solution or at least an idea.

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    My idea is that this is not just Vivaldi+system. There is something in between that is mucking things up.

  • I have pretty much the same problem. Also using the last stable version with extensions of ecosia and kaspersky.

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    Kaspersky can slow things down incredibly while it inspects files.

  • I do also have kaspersky, so I chose to exit it, close vivaldi and restart it. Thought this time it did not take 15 minutes, it did at least take 5 if not 10 minutes to have the window open.

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    When you "disable" Kaspersky without uninstalling it, it still accesses your files in the background.

    As to your startup time, that's insane. My oldest crappiest hardware doesn't take nearly that long. I have a P4 single-core processor here running at 3Ghz, using 1.5 Gb of DDR RAM at a maximum of 200 MHz, and it takes between 6 and 9 seconds to start Vivaldi, depending on what else is running. The 3P security software on that system is Comodo.

    On another system, I'm running the latest snapshot of Vivaldi on Win 7 with another P4 single-core 3GHz processor and 2 GB of 200 MHz RAM, and no 3rd party security software. Vivaldi opens in 6 seconds every time.

    These are both on old (I do mean OLD) mechanical HDDs. The systems are 15 and 13 years old, respectively.

    How a person could run an Intel i7 and take more than five seconds to open the program is beyond me.

  • I do agree with you, something external is troubling the response time of vivaldi, though I am unsure if it is kaspersky, I will try to determine what it is.

    I booted in safe mode and vivaldi started in a fraction of a second, I then booted back into windows 10 normally, and vivaldi has since booted twice in a fraction of a second, but I don't know if that'll last.

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    I don´t have any problems, Vivaldi starts quickly in few seconds in an old Laptop. I'm using Panda Cloud


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