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  • Hello guys, first of all thank you very much for so nice browser with so nice customization, i really like how it looks like and i really happy because i can configure it like i need, and i love minimalize, and your browser looks perfect. I have few suggestions Sidebar suggestions: ---------------------------- 1. Add config option for auto-hide sidebar if your cursor not on sidebar after some seconds Details what i need: - i move cursor to the side where is sidebar (for example it at left, so i move my cursor to left side, and sidebar then will be automatically opened) - if i move out my cursor from this area -> side bar will be automatically hided. 2. Add option to add to sidebar not only links, but real software links. For example i want to open from the browser Photoshop on the page from sidebar. So i click "+" button and i select a path where i can to open this application, and then mini-icon will be placed to sidebar and if i will click on the button, i will open this application. 3. Sidebar and downloading button suggestions a) Add option or notification window when you moving cursor to this button to see current process of download (speed / how many bytes left / or downloaded). b) when dowloading complete, add some trigger on this button to make it somehow to react when downloading is complete, so i want to see some maybe point on this button or this button can change itself color and will inform me that i have downloaded or have downloads right now something. V button suggestions: ------------------------------ 1. Add option to change color of this button from red to any else what we need. 2. Add option to change ICON to any what we need (for example i have made some unique design for myself, and V button destroying my design). Sure it have some cons, like people will not know about your browser, but this is wrong argument, because people will start to look for browser where they can configure everything like they want. 3. Add option to change position of this button to another corner 4. Add option to hide this button forever TABS Suggestions: -------------------------- 1. Add option for customers to select which tab design they want: rounded corners or like we have right now (chromium style or default vivaldi style) 2. Add ctrl + click on the tab for selecting multiple tabs at once, and then you can apply multiple tasks to all of these tabs by simple shortcut combitaion. Use case: - i want to close only specific tabs, i select them by classical way by pressing (and holding) ctrl, then i click left mouse button on each tab, and these tabs changes their color and they looks like select, then i click ctrl + w -> book they are closed. Or i clicking ctrl + d, and only these tabs added to bookmarks, or i clicking ctrl + g, and boom, all of these tabs grouped to only one tab. I hope you understand my idea. This is revolution will be in browsers, trust me. 3. Add option in tabs config for selecting which options you WANT TO SEE in tabs option by clicking right button on tab. Right now there is really hell a lot of options when you clicking right mouse button on the tab, and give people a option to select what they personally want to get.

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    • Autohide the Panel Toolbar would be helpful on smaller monitors. On widescreen monitors it's more useful to have it always visible. Shortcut like F4 can be used to toggle it on/off
    • I launch lots of software from Opera 12.17 buttons and mnemonic shortcuts. I wiould love to have the same options from Vivaldi.
    • Some way to notify download progress with a tooltip has often been requested
    • Hiding the Vivaldi button would be more useful than changing its colour, position, or icon.
    • Rounded corners are already available in Settings, Custom Themes. It's not as rounded as it used to be and Speed Dials also used to have rounded corners.
    • Ctrl+Click, and Shift+Click already selects multiple tabs, or a range of tabs. Shortcuts or right-click menu can be used to close selected tabs, clone selected tabs, etc. (Ctrl + F1 will list all available shortcuts).
    • Customising of all menus is often requested. Definitely helpful to remove what you never use. Options are great, but too many to choose from is confusing. I have customised my Opera 12.17 menus extensively.

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    Rounded corners are only available in the 1.3 snapshots.


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