More tabs / better memory usage….

  • Ever since Yosemite, memory usage in Opera (and quite a few other programs) went thru the roof. Basically had to stop using it, so am very happy to see this Vivaldi! However, it too is showing 40-100MB for each helper process/per tab open. Have been with Opera since the BeOS days and certainly recall paying for for v5 I think it was - and how people laughed that browsers are free... It's one of the most used applications on any device, why wouldn't I pay for something better? Doing so allowed me to get used to having 10-40 tabs open at one time and not having to worry about losing them if the system crashed or power went out. That was with only 512MB of RAM though less intense webpages. Though a current Win7 machine I have can get 40-50 tabs smoothly on only 2GB of RAM. Yet this iMac w 4GB now comes to a crawl with 10-12 tabs open. Bring back the tab counts!!! Please. (sorry this should be in mac forums and cant seem to move it..)

  • Same for linux

  • High memory usage on mac too. I have one "Helper" at 1.15 gb right now, and several others between 100-300 mb. I'm streaming a podcast, but nothing else particularly memory intensive. This is much more than Opera or any other browser uses.

  • Vivaldi on Windows is taking 500-700MB with 1-3 tabs open. That's 20% of my free memory which means I can't afford to use it if I'm much over 60% RAM usage, which is most of the time. At this stage it make take too much memory for me to really use at all.

  • Im forever getting this problem, multi-process browsers just eat up RAM, although less on my 32bit laptops.
    Being a bit of a tab whore myself the only viable option seems to be firefox for me although multimedia wise that browser is a little lacking


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