Tab detaching is too slow

  • I have two displays, so something I frequently do in other browsers is tab detaching to place in another window on another display. As it stands now in Vivaldi, strictly in terms of mouse navigation, I have to right click the tab, open the "Move Tab to" menu, and click "New Window". I understand the purpose of the menu since you can use that same menu to re-attach the tab to the main window for example, but it's just too slow. I'd like to be able to just drag the tab off of the window--and back onto other windows--like I can in Google Chrome (and Firefox, although it has a much more sluggish implementation). This along with startup speed (compared to Google Chrome which starts effectively instantly, even on my mechanical drive) are probably the only things holding me back from using Vivaldi as my daily driver.

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    Frequently requested before They are working on Drag and Drop of tabs. (Item 9)

  • Not sure how I missed that. I even looked at the thread. Thanks for the link.

  • I have 4 monitors, so using Vivaldi is very painful.

    I stopped using the Move Tab feature for months. Not only its slow (takes for ever), but it requires very accurate pinpointing of the cursor and too many clicks for quick access, its hidden and this is something I use a lot (moving from screen to screen). So what I did is just leave Vivaldi open in one single monitor and use another browser for the rest of my browsing needs.

    Any browser actually because Vivaldi is the only browser in existence right now that can't do this. Its actually strange, because Vivaldi is targeted to power users, yet it has no support for multi monitors which is what power users will usually have as setup. This feature is absolutely necessary for dual or multi displays.

    This and the sluggishness is the only think that stops me from saying Vivaldi is perfect. I think I asked the explotable/detachment tabs feature from day one. I don't think they are working on this anymore. Its more than a year again and no news and now they don't even mention it anymore so I assume they hit something very hard to fix in the code which makes its impossible or hard to implement it properly.


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    I don't think they are working on this anymore.

    Did you follow the link in my previous post? They obviously are working on it, as a priority, but it's hard to fix.

    One major reason for the sluggishness of detaching tabs, is that they are reloaded after being detached. This issue has also been logged.

    Personally, I could not care less about this. IMO anyone who opens more than twenty tabs in a Chrome based browser, which uses a separate process for each tab, is asking for trouble. With all of the many ways to bookmark and reopen tabs, save and reopen sessions, restore the previous session on startup, and so on, there is no need to fill the tab bar with junk that you don't currently need.

    How Many Tabs do you usually open?

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    Yes, it is really slow, the new internal window code redesign did not help much. The UI needs more speedup.

  • Another thing, dragging tab out of window is working now, but when I move the tab to second monitor, new window is opened on first window and not on second where it should be.

  • @gwen-dragon My words. I can't stand that I must always wait for some action. That age was many years ago, when HW was not so powerful as is today. So even sync was introduced, I returned back to Opera :(.

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    @enc0re said in Tab detaching is too slow:

    but when I move the tab to second monitor, new window is opened on first window and not on second where it should be.

    Known long-standing bug on multi-monitor systems. Makes my daily web work uneasy.

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    @enc0re said in Tab detaching is too slow:

    when I move the tab to second monitor, new window is opened on first window and not on second where it should be.

    It works as expected for me.

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit • Snapshot 1.14.1030.3 (64-bit)

  • @pesala Then you are lucky man.

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    @enc0re I am indeed blessed not to believe in luck.

    Try dropping it in the middle or the far edge of the other monitor.

    • My primary monitor is 1200x1600 portrait
    • My secondary monitor is 1280x1024 landscape, positioned to the left of my primary

    0_1512254154671_Display Settings.png

    If I drop the tab on the right of the secondary monitor it opens on the primary monitor. However, if I drop it in the middle or to the left of the secondary monitor, it opens on the secondary monitor.

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    On a Multi monitor setup dragging to an other monitor is slow and sometimes the window/tab opens on wrong display. Not nice of you use a notebook or a quad display PC.
    There are reported issues with multi-monitor systems.

    Detaching a tab to f.ex. my 3rd display is not as fast as Firefox or Chrome.
    With Vivaldi you have to drag (feels like Vivaldi window is glued) and it takes 0.5–1 sec to appear, on Chrome or Firefox you can fast move (feels like a fast throwing) these tabs/windows to the monitor.

  • @pesala Yes, I did tests now and I must move cursor to the 1/3 part of screen on the oposite side from where I'm moving from. Thats the bad thing. The good thing is that it distinguish if main window was maximized or not. Opera for example dragged tab doesn't maximize. On Opera window is created instanly when mouse click is released. With Vivaldi it takes some time to show window.


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