Vivaldi loses all tabs on restart

  • Others have mentioned the problem of Vivaldi not retaining non-pinned tabs on restart of the browser, but for about the last week I have been losing ALL tabs on restart, included pinned. I just get the Start Page. This seems to have been coincident with the Vivaldi update at that time plus installation of the binary code to 'fix' LastPass. I have no idea how to uninstall that code so haven't been able to test that as a possible cause. I also haven't tried disabling or uninstalling extensions, but hadn't added anything new around the time this problem started. Win10 Home 64 bit, latest Vivaldi 32 version. Any ideas?

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    Start again with a fresh profile and if that works, add your critical data back from the old profile.

    (With Vivaldi closed, go the the folder identified as "profile path" in help/about, rename "Default," try Vivaldi. If it's working, put your vital data back, re-set your settings, re-install extensions one at a time, testing after each is added.)

  • I renamed the Default folder as you instructed and restarted Vivaldi, which opened a new version. I checked the folder structure and noticed that my old Default folder contained 2 WebRTC files (WebRTCIdentityStore and WebRTCIdentityStore-journal) that were not present in the new profile. I deleted the new Default, returned the original Default to Default, then restarted Vivaldi and all my tabs came back. And the WebRTC files did not reappear in Default.

    I recall doing something in Vivaldi with WebRTC to stop displaying my IP address, but don't recall now what it was (I am obviously not a techie), but that may have caused the problem.

    Assuming that removing the WebRTC files is not a problem, I will do that again if the problem reoccurs.

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    WebRTC, huh? Interesting. Those two files are in my 1.2 version, which has no problems, but they are NOT in either of my 1.3 versions, neither of which have any problems, either. My 1.2 version was installed last of these three on this machine, for testing and troubleshooting purposes only, and I have barely used it. The WebRTC Identities file is 3K and the journal file is 0K.

    Edit: Oops, I was wrong. The only version of mine which has these files is 1.3.544.

  • My version is 1.3.544.25 (Developer Build) (32-bit). I have restarted it a couple of times and the tabs come back. The WebRTC files have not reappeared in my profile.

    Thanks for your help.

  • I have something else with tabs. But it looks a little like what I read here.

    I frequently started always (sometimes many) links from an emailreader in some (linux) workspace, so tabs (sometimes many) open in Vivaldi wich is in another workspace.
    In Vivaldi later than 1.5.. after about 6 tabs all tabs disappear en the browser jumps to the workspace of the emailreader.

    I can't correct anything with a setting in 'Windowmanagertweaks.
    There is enough memory. I have also seen it in Chrome and Slimjet!
    Not in Firefox.
    How can I prevent such behaviour? Anybody an Idea?

    I tried also the latest 1.8.. Vivaldi, but I had to go back to 1.5.. again.
    I'm sorry. Such a great browser..

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    @rijnsma said in Vivaldi loses all tabs on restart:

    I have also seen it in Chrome and Slimjet!

    Then it might be a Chromium bug - something that is basically beyond the Vivaldi developers jurisdiction...


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