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  • Die Lesezeichen in der Paneele zu haben, mag ganz nett sein, das habe ich in Opera auch gelegentlich genutzt. Viel wichtiger war es für mich in Opera jedoch, die Lesezeichen schnell über das Menü aufrufen zu können. Das hatte den Vorteil, daß in Ebenen gestaffelte Lesezeichen schnell aufrufbar waren. GENAU das funktioniert jetzt nicht mehr. Bspw. habe ich in meiner Baumstruktur etwas wie Reisen - Flüge - 2015 - Asien - bangkok.html Fährt man im alten Opera aus der Adreßleiste darüber hinweg, kann man sich schnell den ganzen Baum entlanghangeln, um zu bangkok.html zu kommen. Jetzt muß man für jede Stufe einmal klicken. Da wird man zum Hirsch! Welche Möglichkeit gibt es, die alte Funktionalität wieder hinzubekommen? Wie mir gerade auffällt, gilt das gleiche für die anderen Menüs. Es wäre prima, wenn die beim Darüberfahren mit der Maus schon aufklappen würden und nicht erst beim Anklicken.

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    Welcome to the Vivaldi Forums. There is a German Forum where you can post in your own language.

    Please use English here, or provide a translation. Even a bad one like Google's is better than nothing for those who don't know German.

    Having the bookmark in the panels, may be quite nice, I have also occasionally used in Opera. it was much more important for me in Opera, however, be able to call the bookmarks quickly via the menu. This had the advantage that staggered in levels bookmarks were quickly called. EXACTLY no longer works now. For example. I have in my tree something like Trips - Flights - 2015 - Asia - bangkok.html If you drive in the old Opera from the address bar over it, you can quickly hand over hand the whole tree to get to bangkok.html. Now you have to click for each stage once. Since it is the deer! What possibilities are there should get the old functionality back? As I notice straight, the same applies for other menus. It would be great if that would open the In moving the mouse already and not only when you click.

    There is no Bookmarks menu yet, but there is a Bookmarks Bar. You can use access keys on the bookmarks bar once you have opened a folder, but it is not fully functional. For example, if there are more bookmarks in a folder than will fit in the window, you have to scroll to reach those that are out of sight.

  • ok, thx for the information;
    the bookmarks bar of course is NO alternative, since I have many bookmarks and they are all stacked! Scrolling around is definitely no option, so I do hope that in one of the next releases you bring back the former menu.
    Is there anything in the pipeline with automatically popping up menus upon mouseover? Since the menus are often stacked, too, without this functionality it would mean a lot of clicking.

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    It is early days yet. Vivaldi is still on version 1.3. More features that we are accustomed to from Opera 12.17 will return in due course.

    For now, quick search in the Bookmarks Panel may be the quickest way to access bookmarks, or you can do the same in the Quick Commands dialogue (F2), which responds more slowly than the panel search.


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