CPU hog !

  • Periodically -about every 5 minutes- Vivaldi hogs my CPU to 100%, 8 cores @ 2.2 Ghz. All extensions switched off. I believe that this is not acceptable.

  • Terminate the browser process, then go to c:\Users[your name]\AppData\Local\Vivaldi\User Data\Default and delete both files with name "Top sites". Idk why but sometimes they do this to the CPU.

  • Thanks.
    Done, no change.

  • That leaves you with one other possibility - what is your antivirus, if you use any? Shortly after I posted my previous post in this topic I discovered that certain AVs don't get along with Vivaldi - like Avira, for instance. So you have to remove either one - the browser or the AV. I chose to remove the AV.

  • There is no way I would remove an A/V because the browser acts up.

    I would switch browsers. If this is indeed a problem, Vivaldi should be looking into it.

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    That's not how it works. Software does not make itself compatible with AVs. That would be impossible. No software can be designed around AV definitions and behaviors. Rather, AVs make themselves compatible with valid software. They design their definitions and behaviors to not interfere with desired machine and software operation - at least they try to, with varying levels of success. Lazy and underfunded AV companies don't keep up with the changing environment of computing, and screw up new-to-market applications because they failed to inform themselves that they existed, and failed to test with them.

    I always would, and have in the past, drop an AV like a hot potato if it messed with the normal operation of my machine and the software I wanted to run. I can think of one right off the top of my head that I jettisoned in the blink of an eye when it blocked the normal functioning of new accounting software I was installing. You cause my stuff to act up, you're gone off my machine.

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    Your problem with high CPU usage is not easy to reproduce.

  • @rado84:

    what is your antivirus, if you use any?

    I use the native Windows Defender, together with Malwarebytes antimalware premium.

  • I have been running Vivaldi on a 7 year old notebook that is a Core II - Duo, 4 GB Ram, running Win7 and Win10
    I am also running Vivaldi on a brand new i7, 8GB system running Win10

    Various antivirus as well as from ancient to new new software.

    Personally I have had zero issues, and Vivaldi is by a VERY far margin, the thinnest performance browser I have ever run.

    Not trying to flag wave here, just giving my 10c that on a huge hardware variation baseline, this is one rock solid browser.


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