Just some thoughts about Vivaldi - what I like about it

  • After nearly 10 years in being a Firefox user, I'm relieved Vivaldi was born. Cuz Firefox might be higly customizable but this is also a downside of it - the more you customize it, the slower it becomes. Now I can't stress enough how happy I am with Vivaldi. If anyone feels like sharing why they like about Vivaldi, feel free to do so in this topic. So, despite the few bugs I encountered (and found a way to fix with the help of the users here), I still like Vivaldi and here are the reasons I not only like it but why I migrated to it as well: • Ultra fast launching time. Idk how you, guys, did it but it's amazing! Firefox based browsers need between 30 seconds and 2 minutes to launch while Vivaldi launches before I finish saying my first name. • I can have my tab bar at the bottom - I love this feature mostly for the reason that I don't need an addon or custom script files to achieve it. • Very low time to load a page - something no FF based browser can boast with. Facebook and YouTube, for instance, have never loaded so fast. With FF browser I was accustomed to wait about a minutes before I can watch a video or post a comment. Disqus also used to take forever to load but in Vivaldi it loads with the speed of light. • The dark theme with the option tabs and title bar to inherit the page main color - makes Vivaldi look fresher and I dare to say - more innovative. • Low memory usage regardless of the number of open tabs. That was one of the first things I tested - this is how I evaluate any browser. FB, YouTube, DailyMotion, vbox7 - all these sites for video sharing open in a tab with video running, 4 tabs with flash games - the total memory usage never went above 260 megabytes. If I do that in FF or any FF-based browser, it would swallow at least 2GB RAM, not to mention the CPU would go crazy. • Not a problem to run anything in fullscreen mode - a video or a game. Watching videos in fullscreen mode always gave me a headache with Firefox. Quite frequently fullscreen mode made Firefox to completely freeze and go into a not responding mode.

  • I forgot to mention one more good thing that was very annoying in Firefox.
    • when deleting an extension it really gets deleted from the extensions folder - something which Firefox never did. In Firefox if you delete an extension, the browser simply stops using it but all of its files remained in the extension folder, so I'm glad Vivaldi physically removes deleted extensions.


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