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  • 1.2.490.43 () (64-bit) on Linux I have noticed for the last few versions a possible bug. Some websites I password protect with a simple login that pops up on access to the directory... You know, the .htpasswd setup. If I close the browser down and log off/shut down (like overnight) - then when the browser is next launched after reboot, the browser has a semi-transparent grey over everything and is inaccessible. The only workaround is to launch a new window, go to the offending password protected web page (which launches correctly with little user/password box) and log in there... then the original browser clears itself. This only happens if the tab in focus on exit is this particular type of page. Wonder if it is a bug? If so where do I post it.?

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  • Are bugs listed anywhere? Couldn't see a bug list after I submitted.

  • @opalepatrick:

    Are bugs listed anywhere? Couldn't see a bug list after I submitted.

    No, the bug list is kept internal and not available to the public.

    The only way we know of bugs is when someone reports a bug and the Posts the Bug Number they receive in the appropriate thread ;)

  • Thanks TbGbe. The key number I received for this then is VB-19856.

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    You can hit Esc on the page with Auth Baisc login popup and the grayed out browser is accessible again.

  • Not using archlinux you couldn't. However, the bug appears to be sorted and all is well again! :)

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