How do you report spam?

  • Hello, I checked my inbox today and I got a very interesting E-Mail from [quote] hello My name is Morin i saw your profile here and i admire it,i would like you to contact me back through my email ( ) i will tell you more about myself [/quote] What? Regards

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    Go to the user's profile and report them. I reported that profile earlier, so it MIGHT be gone.

  • I have no idea how you access a users profile since I am not familiar with this board at all? I've clicked on the users image and nothing happens.

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    If you click on the user's image, it takes you to their profile. If it doesn't, there is no longer a profile. It has already been removed, and the user barred from the site.

  • I've recived the same pm two times, obvious it's spam or worst, phising (e-mail)

  • 1. Will putting a sender address in my Address Book prevent that mail from being filtered as spam or graymail?
    2. Can I access the list of spam addresses being filtered to see if a sender I want to receive from is there?

    Problem is that I am not receiving mail from my HMO that they claim to have sent, and I do not see it in my junk file so I am trying to find out why and fix it.

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    This topic is about people who join the community purely to spam members with their shady stuff, and what to do about them.

    It's not actually about Vivaldi Webmail. Worse still, I don't use and don't know anything about Vivaldi Webmail. Perhaps you can start a topic on your concern and attract help from some users who have some idea.


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