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  • Hi! I've been a loyal user of the Opera browser for many years, but now when it's soon having chinese owners I want to use another browser, and Vivaldi seems to be the obvious choice for me. I love Opera v38+, a perfect browser in my opinion. Shame it was sold out, it will never be the same again. I have been testing Vivaldi 1.3 64bit for some days now, and Speed Dial is far from as good as in Opera. I tried out FVD Speed Dial as a addon, and this was close to what I want in Vivaldi as default. Options I want in Speed Dial: - Options to choose between icon image or screenshot. Easier to find a link if it's displayed as a icon. - Option to edit address in thumbnails - Remove the "x" in thumbnails to prevent accidential deletes, a option to remove (as in Opera) - Display folder content in folder thumbs (as in Opera) to get a preview of whats inside - Search bar in Speed Dial window (as in Opera) - Most popular sites/most visited button (as in FVD Speed Dial) to get easy access to the most visited sites I use. Otherwise I like Vivaldi 1.3 very much. It's fast, just one crash in several days, and the options to use extensions from Chrome is great. I'm sure this will be my default browser in the future. I won't get rid of Opera just yet before I'm completely satisfied with Vivaldi, and right now I'm not. But I'm sure it will improve a great deal in the near future, and then it's goodbye to Opera. Thank you Vivaldi for daring to make a fresh new browser in a overly crowded market! Ramsy

  • I have to agree with most of these suggestions:

    • option to choose speed dial thumbnail: site icon, screenshot or name as plain text (with site back color);
    • edit thumbnail with right click;
    • option remove the 'x' to remove thumbnail;
    • account for user to have the bookmarks and browser settings stored online, and available on multiple PC's;

    Like Ramsy and myself, with the Opera being sold to china boys, lots of users will abandon the Opera Browser.
    This can be a chance for Vivaldi to move up in the browser popularity ranking. Lot of work to be done, but if some of these "Opera-like" features are implemented, it can be the edge between the users switching to Chrome/Firefox or Vivaldi.

    Keep up the good work!

  • @Ramsy:


    • Option to edit address in thumbnails
    • Search bar in Speed Dial window (as in Opera)

    If by "thumbnails" you mean the screenshot on Speed Dial, it's easy to edit it. Simply go to "bookmarks", locate "Speed Dial" folder, find the address you wanna edit and click on the bookmark - on the right side there's a menu where you can do that:


    As for the other thing, IMO there's no need for search bar because address bar does exactly the same, if you allow it in Options.

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    Also sometimes overlooked is that the TITLE of a speed dial tile can be edited just by clicking on that title.

  • Also sometimes overlooked is that the TITLE of a speed dial tile can be edited just by clicking on that title.

    Yes, it is not very clear that we can change it by click, however I only need to use them when the thumbnails screenshots are not clear (most of the time they are not).

    I know we can edit the details of the bookmark on the side menu, but one must agree that it is much fast and easier to do it with a right click and edit. And then a small pop-up appears to allow the edit and voilá - much easier and faster.

    The other thing about thumbnails that I talked about and really dislike are the screenshots (see this as a personal opinion) : I really think that there should be an option to choose between 1-site screenshot, 2-site logo, 3 - site name in plain text with background color according to site.

    1 - the site screenshot has to be the worst of the three options because in some sites we cannot know which site is without looking at the text.
    2 - the site logo or icon is self-explanatory and for most of the sites we know them by the logo
    3 - the site name on a colored background would show the name the sits between 'www' and 'com' for example and it is pretty clear and easy to reach.

    To end my opinion, when I open Vivaldi, I see the speed dial to the Vivaldi site and community and there is only a V (pretty clear, pretty simple and pretty). If I get the screenshot it looks much worse, not clear and no turning back.

  • You're right it's easier but until that's done, we have to settle for what we have. I for one have no problem with that. Either way on SD I put only the most frequently visited by me pages and everything else is in Bookmarks.

  • You can use FVD speed or Simple speed dial until the Stock one will be improved

  • @carlossousa:

    1 - the site screenshot has to be the worst of the three options because in some sites we cannot know which site is without looking at the text.
    2 - the site logo or icon is self-explanatory and for most of the sites we know them by the logo

    I have to disagree…

    1 - in all my speeddials the look of the thumbnail gives a very clear indication of the site and its content - each is unique and exactly how the page looks when it's open
    2 - I have a few pages on speedial which come from the same site - in that case the FavIcon would be exactly the same for all of them... this would be the opposite of making things clearer!

  • Strongly agree with mossman, strongly disagree with OP. Ah but the diversity of tastes & preferences is a wonderful thing.

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    Heh. I prefer the page thumbs,even with my aging eyes and no-line bifocals. My wife, who has a worse case of presbyopia than I do, hates them. She wants big ol' branded icons. Yes, the joy of diversity.

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    • Yes. An icon or custom image is easier for many sites, especially forums. I want to choose my own image .This is a frequent feature request
    • Address can be edited in bookmarks, but directly would be better
    • Important option. Should be off by default. It's too easy to delete a speed dial. Right-click delete iis safe, but still easy.

  • I think if Vivaldi would be a success or not, it's all about customization which most other browser is missing. The way I like my browser to look and feel may be totally different from other users, but if you can change it the way you want it to look and feel, I'm sure it will attract more users. Some prefer the browser to be basic and simple, go ahead use Chrome or Edge for that, but I like a more "personal" feel and look to my browser, and Opera v39 is the best now, but Vivaldi closes in with every new release.

    I see that in bookmarks in front of every link there is a website icon. This is the icon I want to have a option to show on speed dial instead of screenshots of the page, and a choice what to show. I don't want to use a extension to get what I want. And when you use CCleaner or WiseCleaner, it deletes all these screenshots from Speed Dial anyway…!

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    Not if you set aside Top Sites from cleaning operations.

  • Agreed with most of these:

    • too easy to delete a bookmark and it's even worse for folders (I've already accidentally deleted my e-mail providers folder 2-3 times already)
    • folders should have thumbnails based on their contents to make them easier to distinguish
    • URL should be editable.

    But on top of these a special annoyance I have is with this counter-intuitive reflowing "speed dial" design that works nothing like a true speed dial. For a phone's speed dial the button associations don't all shift around just because you deleted one - you can simply have some positions in the button array left empty (unassociated, with no URL). This is the way it's implemented in Maxthon and it's much more intuitive, as it prevents you from having to re-memorize all the button positions every time you decide to get rid of some of the buttons or add more. Things should stay in the places you're used to finding them as much as possible, without all this auto-shifting nonsense.

  • I'm coming over from Firefox, which I have used in all it's iterations since Phoenix and Firebird. But lately it hasn't been the same. It stutters. It freezes for moments at a time, and it's just irritating. It's been that way for several updates now. I have no use for Chrome. Vivaldi is wonderful so far. It's fast and smooth. I'm not adventurous with browser colors so I use the boring Subtle theme.

    Not coming from Opera, or ever using Opera much at all, I'm not sure what to make of speed dial. Believe it or not, I got annoyed with it early on and replaced my home page with Google, where I can hit gmail and news and youtube at a click. I even changed my new tab page to go to Google. I should probably give speed dial a chance, though. I may be missing something really good.

  • It depends on your workflow, if you are a "many many tabs open at startup" user there is no need for Speeddial.
    I am a "one tab open" user stepping between Speeddial and page forward and backwards with mouse gestures.
    Except reading news, than I open all tabs I am interested and close it after reading.
    I never understand how user can work with 20+ tabs open. 🙂

    Cheers, mib


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