Advices for future Versions

  • The more I use Vivaldi (I'm liking it A LOT) the more I face missing basic features and errors. Here is my list for some implementations you can add / check of the browser: (I have NOT read all the forum, sorry if something is repeated. I really would like your opinions too) BARS: *Search Bar unnecessary. Can't hide it, can't re size it. Need visual customization. *Status Bar is useless. Is like more a Zoom Bar than a Status. Zoom could be implemented in other way. *Download Speed in transfers is missing. *If it is hidden, when you Start a Download, Panel bar opens. You have to hide it by your own everytime. Autohide would be a great idea. Or move Download section to the Top Bar. *Buttons not re-sizable. Can't customize them. Can't hide any of them. *Trash Icon could be better positioned TABS: I encountered many problems with Tabs: *CTRL + SHIFT + T shortcut to restore tabs does not exist. Cant add it to shortcuts neither. *CTRL + SHIFT + N shortcut for private tabs does not exist. Cant add it to shortcuts neither. *Stacked Tabs function is not working property. First of all the X button is NOT closing the visible tab as it would be, but is closing all the stacked tabs at the same time. The only way to close One Tab in the stacked ones is with shortcuts or Right button. A bit annoying * If you open a Tab when you are in a Stacked one, automatically opens the new one inside the stack. Difficult to realize. *Rollover the tabs in the stack is very annoying. Color switch little bars don't have any function, you can't choose one quickly. *If you close a Stack, all the tabs go separate to the trash. Recover one of them could be a pain. *Can NOT detach any tab from the tab bar into a new window. *Miss leading number of notifications in Facebook/Twitter. *Auto Hide tab bar would be great addition. MISCELLANEOUS: *No Windows 64-bit version yet *No Reader Mode *No Theme neither Background color customization (I love color Tabs! :oops: ) *SpeedDial doesn't have predefined Links and logos. Lack of customization (Size, Borders, Columns, Background, etc). I know this is a technical preview, I hope we all together could share ideas to have a better experience! 😛


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