GIFs at Twitter don't play in Vivaldi

  • GIFs at Twitter page doen't play at all; instead, just a picture is shown with the following message: "This browser doesn't support video playback". However, GIF subtitle and playback symbol appears at the first miliseconds; itś like Vivaldi tries to show it off and fails. Well, Chrome browser shows it alright... Anybody got the same problem? Using Vivaldi Linux 1.2.490.43 () 64 bits on Debian testing

  • i never have issues with gifs here. Do you install all codecs?

  • I just revisited my installed codecs. I think that I already have lots of them.
    I saw a topic that describes this bug in the Vivaldi for Windows too. However, it seems that doesn't occurs to everybody.

    Have you tested the Twitter page?

  • Strange… At home PC Vivaldi ran GIF alright. Same version, however, on Mint 17.3 XFCE...
    What might be missing? Why a browser might need a library just to show a GIF?


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