New Debian 8.2 install gives [vivaldi-bin]

  • I've been using Opera for years and just found out about Vivaldi. Downloaded the 32-bit deb (VERY quick) into my Debian 8.2 installation and ran dpkg which reported dependency errors. Opened Synaptic and clicked to fix broken packages which installed the dependencies. Synaptic now reports the package as installed. When I invoke ># vivaldi at the commandline it hangs without any result, and running ># ps ax gives: 2373 pts/10 Sl+ 0:00 /opt/vivaldi/vivaldi-bin --ppapi-flash-path --ppapi-flash-version 2380 pts/10 S+ 0:00 cat 2381 pts/10 S+ 0:00 cat 2388 pts/10 Z+ 0:00 [vivaldi-bin] <defunct>2389 pts/3 R+ 0:00 ps ax qbx:~># Could someone please assist? Thanks for any replies.</defunct>

  • I've uninstalled vivaldi using Synaptic without any problems, then reinstalled it using dpkg. No problems were reported.

    However, the result is the same: commandline invocation hangs without any result and ps ax reports that vivaldi-bin is a zombie.

    Has anyone else experienced this? There must be quite a few Debian 8.2 users out there.

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    Has anyone else experienced this? There must be quite a few Debian 8.2 users out there.

    it works fine on Debian - Jessie.
    have you tried?

    sudo apt-get remove --purge 

  • No, thanks for the suggestion, but I did use Synaptic to "Remove completely" which probably does this.

  • FInding no joy here, I posted to ( and got this:

    1.3.537.5 behaves weird here, it seems to be running, but is invisible on the screen.
    It is not zombie, it can be killed with SIGHUP.
    1.2.490.35 runs fine.

    Mine is vivaldi-stable_1.2.490.43-1_i386.deb
    Has something untoward occurred between 1.2.490.43 and .45 that has been carried into 1.3.537.5?
    Any developers watching this, or they all out to coffee with their mobile apps?


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