Speed dial icons/image customization

  • The speed dial boxes are way too bare bones and need more work. First of all, that you can't right click on them and edit the URL is silly. Off hand, I can't find any way to edit them at all, just delete and recreate, which is primitive to say the least. Also, there is no way to set a custom image for the speed dial, which is preposterous as well. Seeing a thumbnail of a web page tells you nothing, you have to stare at the text underneath to figure out what it is. Instead of, for instance, having the capability of putting in a giant blue Facebook "F" on the speed dial panel. You can see at a glance what it is. Some plugins for speed dials for Chrome already offer this (and then some), like Speed Dial FVD. But since it's a built in feature, I hope it can get fleshed out a lot. I prefer built-in and fast over added on and less fast.

  • Moderator

    Many Speed Dial features, including custom images, are on the drawing board.


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