Video ads and performance

  • Hello Vivaldi team, I started to use your browser enthusiastically but the latest changes have quite disappointed me. The reasons are mainly two: - performance of 1.0 was blazing fast, both at startup and site loading with the stable version it suddenly became slow at startup, and average at loading pages - it automatically plays videos, especially ads, and I have found no way to disable it If this is something you can't or don't want to change, then for me there is no reason for Vivaldi at all. Yours sincerely, Nick

  • Moderator

    The browser has not slowed down - but the way it functions on your machine might have. Unfortunately, this can happen with immature software. Depending on the causes in your particular case, there may be a number of workarounds. But factually, the browser is just as fast today, for some people faster, as it was on day one.


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