(Bug) Close tab button sometimes disappear

  • The "close tab" button sometimes disappears and I have to reload the contents of the tab for the button to return. Unfortunately I can't provide steps to reproduce because it seems to happen randomly but so far I noticed it several times on YouTube and Facebook tabs. Two of the times the close button disappeared was when a video was running in the YT tab but I can't say for sure the reason for the disappearance was the fact that a video was running. When it happened with the Facebook tab I was just scrolling my news feed and no videos were running. I must note that I've set my tab bar to be at the bottom of the browser window - I'm mentioning this fact just in case it has something to do with the button disappearance.

  • glad to hear - uh read - this.
    I have a similar problem. But in my case, the close-button is flickering and thus unclickable.
    Me too have found no rule for this behaviour - sometimes it appears sometimes not…

    As a work-around:
    Right-click the tab and choose "Close Tab" from the menu



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