Feature request: "Zoom Text Only" option is needed

  • Please add a "Zoom Text Only" option to the View menu (yeah, I know, that Vivaldi is not going to be a second Firefox or Safari) which is so convenient for those of us who need to see more text on the screen along with the original media.

  • While this is not what you are asking for: Have you tried to go to Vivaldi Preferences->Webpages, turn on "Limit minimum font size to", and set a higher font size for that option?

  • Sorry, I don't understand how setting minimum font size can help me with pages, where font size specified by webmaster it too large. I am not suffering from the too small fonts, and my understanding is that the suggested option is intended for users who are willing to see only font sizes larger than the one set in this field.

    If there would exist an option like "limit maximum page body font size to", it might be helpful. I believe, this can be somehow tweaked via user-defined CSS, but I am not that good in playing with it, yet it might broke some really cool web designs.

  • I'm sorry, I misread your request because it is more common that people want to prevent text from becoming too small than too large. You are absolutely correct, the option I suggested is not useful for what you want to accomplish.

    There is a thread for feature suggestions, if you want, you can post your "text only zoom" suggestion there.


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