Tagging Bookmarks, Searching by Tags, Importing Tags from Firefox

  • I've been keeping an eye on Vivaldi for the last year or so. I gave the latest version a try, and I really like it. There's only one feature that's keeping me from abandoning Firefox (which has become way to bulky and slow) and moving over to Vivaldi: the ability to tag bookmarks. I have a large library of bookmarks in Firefox that I organize by tags. I lose these tags when I import my bookmarks into Vivaldi. I tried several Chrome extensions that support tagging but none of them seem to function properly in Vivaldi. Here are the requirements I would specify around tagging bookmarks:

    1. Add editable "Tags" field to bookmarks (minimum required)
    2. Support navigation and/or search by tags
    3. Preserve tags for bookmarks imported from Firefox

    I tried utilizing the description field for this purpose but found it lacking. Even if tagging functionality isn't built into the browser itself, an extension that supports these requirements would be all I need to switch over to Vivaldi on a permanent basis.

  • I agree with this. I'm not sure why there aren't more people requesting this feature (maybe I'm missing something). I use tags a lot in Firefox and think it's the standout feature of Firefox's bookmark system. I agree with the OP that putting a name in the description field isn't good enough. When you have a lot of tags, it would be better to be able to select from a previous tag or have it autocomplete while typing in a field. This helps keep things clean and consistent.

    Also if you forget a tag name you can look at a list of tags to select from. This helps people like my self who suffer from memory issues 😉

    Please (pretty please) add in the ability to manage meta tags (label or whatever_you_want_to_call_it) in Vivaldi's bookmarks manager.

  • (Sorry to my bad English, I am Chinese from Hong Kong, but I am really need to register a new account and tell below to Vivaldi team.)
    I agree add the Tag as well!
    And same as Novan Leon, the only reason i don't turn to vivaldi and still using Firefox.

    I am delicious bookmark user since 2005 and heavy use on bookmark, i have about 3K+ bookmark and become my own knowledge base & library.

    For bookmark system, Chrome is fail, Chrome doesn't have tag also and Google doesn't improve since very first release, as well as the new bookmark extension from Google, horrible speed, and material design. (Google think material design can apply to all UI? definitely he is wrong.)

    The only winner is Firefox, Title,description,tag, keyword, last visit, add date etc. Very detail on it.
    Vivaldi having a unique feature is refresh the thumbnail, which I love it and I sure it is exciting for Delicious,Pocket,Pinboard user as well.

    Just one things, the Tag.

    Tag is very different concept to folder.
    Let say I have many bookmark about Javascript, but some is about [Framework], [plugin], [Datetime], [Maths], it very inefficient if I classified as Folder and the sub-folder tree will huge.

    Vivaldi is going on right way now, bring back the feeling of Opera, not just being Chrome Clone.
    So I hope I can uninstall the Firefox, Chrome and stay with Vivaldi.

  • @Ueno Same here. Being not quite happy about the way Firefox is heading, I'm pretty eager to switch to a fresh browser, especially from a team that tries to keep the spirit of original (R.I.P.) Opera. But having many hundreds of bookmarks with generally 3-4 tags per each, this lack of real tag system applied to bookmarks in Vivaldi is a real dealbreaker for me...


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