Vivaldi forum needs change after the recent changes

  • I just noticed that the Vivaldi forum was broken down into several branches - Windows, Mac, Linux and Feature requests. My suggestion is to have "All platforms" instead of "Feature requests" - because there is already a topic for feature requests that I think would be sufficient. At the same time if I want to say something about the browser which is not really a feature request - I will be confused as to which forum branch to pick. Hope you can make this change. Thank you!

  • Vivaldi Team

    OK. Good suggestion. I was also wondering a bit about that too. I will make the change for now and let's see what others say about it.

  • Great, thanks!

  • I think some transferring of topics from the Windows branch to the All platforms branch might be required, otherwise everyone would probably be still just posting in the Windows section. At least transferring the most popular topics that are not Windows specific would be great.

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