Bookmark bar management?

  • I can't find my bookmark bar folders in the bookmarks menu. Also, when creating bookmarks, there's no way to directly move them to the bar without using the "Add active tab" function in the bookmarks bar.

  • Just figured out this is a bug. When I imported bookmarks from chrome, a folder called "Bookmarks Bar" was created. Once I finished organizing and moving all bookmarks, I deleted the folder which was moved to "Trash" all the modifications to my Bookmarks bar are still in that folder which is being updated in the "Trash" folder.

    Suggestion to fix: if a folder is moved to Trash, create a new folder with the "Use as Bookmarks Bar" property.

    How can I submit or bring attention to the bug?

  • Moderator

    Vivaldi Bug Wizard (for both bugs and feature requests).

    I think this needs a warning rather than being a bug. The "Use as bookmarks bar" is a property of the folder and the Trash is also just another folder. Moving the Bookmarks Bar folder, even into the trash, does not change that property, and nor should it. If it is deleted in error, users should be able to simply drag the folder out of trash to correct the error.

    If a warning showed up: "This is the Bookmarks Bar folder, delete anyway?" then the user will know that they should set a new bookmarks bar folder.


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